May 22, 2024


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Hydrangea The Most Famous “Ever Thirsty” Plant


Late spring is perhaps the most thrilling time to observe perennials bloom and flower as nature starts to flaunt its vivid colors. A lot of us are installing and clipping seedlings or bushes, and one such perennial is the hydrangea. These plants are exemplary, with their natural shape and several varieties. Several people will identify the lacy flower as a sign of summer. Still, there exist numerous fascinating facts to learn about these plants and rejoice as we arrange for their zenith season.

An excellent and fascinating perennial with surprising facts- yes, we are talking about Hydrangea. Indigenous to America and Asia, you can spot a hydrangea blossom anywhere around the world. There are approximately 70 to 75 varieties of this fascinating flower. Hydrangea blossoms are famous for being large and lively flowers. You can also send them via free flower delivery in Chennai.

Always Thirsty Flowers- Hydrangea

Do you know that these perennials are always thirsty? They require to be hydrated regularly, even after being in the shape of cut blossoms. No surprise that the title is obtained from the Greek language and signifies water vessels.


As Hydrangeas consume water rapidly, they require to be hydrated often. They are incredibly delicate to water problems, and unlike other flowers, they usually encounter a difficulty of under-watering. They also exhibit indications of being under-watered, especially on a scorching bright day.

Visible symptoms that your hydrangea is thirsty are:

  • They will begin to weaken, most commonly the leaves below that are near to the ground.
  • Leaves might begin to grow yellow and diminish, as well.
  • Stunted development of this blooming plant.
  • They grow weak, muddled, and begin to decay. So, before you send flowers to Chennai, make sure the receiver will take good care of it.

How Should I Water My Hydrangea?

If you spot that your hydrangea plant looks indifferent, then put your finger in the soil to check if it is dry. If the soil is wet, don’t hydrate the plant and examine the bottom of the pot to ensure that there is no pooling of water. If the ground seems dry, then hydrate it. Hydrate by lifting the pot from the cover and put it in a washbasin full of water. If you notice bubbles when placing them in the washbasin, the pause until bubbles disappear. Know that the plant is watered once the bubbles vanish. Make sure you put your plant in a sunny place, but not under direct sunlight.


How To Water Cut Hydrangea Flower?

Hydrangea cuts usually fade away, so it is incredibly vital to take the utmost care of a cut hydrangea blossom. If you get a hydrangea flower arrangement, do put it in a vase. To ensure it endures longer, you are required to undertake a little ceremony before placing the plant in a jar. As Hydrangeas generates saps that block up their stalk and prevents water from moving up to its petals, they should be put in hot water. Take a vessel filled with warm water. Then remove your hydrangea blossoms from the vessel and chop off the rear one inch from every stalk. Consequently, put the plant in the container filled with hot water. Let the blossoms remain there for around 1 to 2 hours.

Now get a clean vessel and fill it with normal water and immerse the hydrangea stalks altogether. Ensure you replace the water in the vessel every alternate day. For excellent results, sprinkle water on the blossom petals. If proper care is taken of the cut hydrangeas, they could endure up to an approximate of 2 to 3 weeks. So, keep all these things in mind before you order hydrangea via online flower delivery in Kolkata.

Some Interesting Facts About Hydrangeas

  • These plants were given a cheer in one of the songs called “Old Money” by Lana del Rey, the famous American songwriter-singer.
  • The hydrangea bloom was initially found in Japan.
  • These plants collect aluminum.
  • Popular Names For Hydrangea Bloom- Garden Hydrangea, Bigleaf Hydrangea, French Hydrangea and Endless summer.
  • Actress Blake Lively relishes these plants and utilized pink hydrangeas in her marriage flower arrangement.
  • Hydrangea blossoms are toxic if swallowed.
  • Hydrangeas are usually presented on 4th marriage anniversaries as they signify gratitude and sincere emotion.