October 3, 2023


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Importance of sleep for preserving health for an individual


When you wish to enjoy optimal health, sound physical and mental health is more important. Sound sleep with regular exercise and a balanced diet is the secret to achieve sound health. It is recently found that more people sleeping less than 6 hours in the night are suffering without enough energy and lack of concentration up to 75%. Insomnia is not a huge issue to worry about, but you need to care more if you are suffering from chronic sleep loss. This will create more health issues like weight gain, blood pressure and a decrease in the strength of the immune system as per the medical results. Remember that sleep is vital for your body to prepare itself for the next day’s work. Further, sound sleep offers lots of benefits and here are some important ones from the list.

How long should you sleep?

The requirement of sleep will vary from one person to the other. Some important considerations that you need to focus on their lifestyle, health, and age. Commonly recommended time for the people to sleep based on age is,
16 to 18 hours for newborn babies
11 to 12 hours for preschool-aged children
At least 10 hours for school-aged children
9 to 10 hours for teens
Adults and elders also need to sleep at least 9 to 10 hours in a day


You can consult this Sleep Calculator to show how many hours you need.

What can sound sleep offer you?

There are different health benefits offered by the sound sleep and some important ones are as follows.

The risk of weight gain can be controlled

Weight gain and obesity are some of the most commonly found issues in recent days, which create a few impacts on the health of the people. Several medical reports say that lack of sleep is one of the important reasons for it. Further, when you are controlling alcohol consumption, long working hours, long sedentary time, living with type-2 diabetes, you can easily prevent these issues and stay healthy.

Risk of heart disease can be reduced

One of the reasons for heart diseases is due to blood pressure. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting adequate rest during the night time will help in controlling the blood pressure. This will further be controlled and regulated. It will reduce issued related issues like apnea and promote overall better health as well.

Enough sleep prevents cancer

Do you know that people who work in the late-night hours and fail to sleep subject to breast cancer and colon cancer? Some researches establish the fact that light exposure reduces melatonin levels. It is the hormone that regulates the sleep and wake cycle. This may lead to the growth of cancer cells in the body. So, your bedroom should be dark when you need to right production of melatonin.


You gain more memory power

Do you know sleep plays an important role in the process called memory consolidation? When you are sleeping, your body will be completely under rest and your brain will be busy processing the day and it will start connecting between some events. It will also connect some sensory, input, memories and feelings. So, only deep sleep will make your brain strong and pave the way for a better way to process thinking.

Eliminate depression by sound sleep

Today, lifestyle and the fast food that you consume contain more chemicals. Moreover, the chemicals from air pollution are also too bad for health. This might reduce serotonin and this will result in suffering from depression. Remember that depression is one of the important reasons for lots of other issues that affect physical and mental health. So, just enjoy sound sleep for at least 7 to 9 hours every night and it will help in eliminating such issues in your body.

Sleep can repair your overall health

You may think sleep is the time just for relaxation. However, you need to remember that is the time you are giving for your body to work against the stress, ultraviolet rays and several other harmful things you are coming against every day. When you are sleeping, your cells will produce more protein and these molecules will allow the body to fight against the negative things and fix errors in your body.

Your immune system becomes stronger

When sleep has a tendency to help the wellness of the overall body to repair, regenerate and recover, enhancing the immune system is not left out. When you are sleeping well, your body gets the tendency to fight against any infection that is affecting the body. You should also remember that when you have a strong immune system, it is a great way to fight against any harming disease. So, indirectly, sleep is helping in all the ways to be healthy.

You can enjoy controlled emotions and better social interactions

When you lack the right amount of sleep, you will lack social interaction. Several pieces of research prove that good sleep will make the person be emotionally strong and happy. They can also be strong and confident in any things that they wish to present. Further, they can also have a stable relationship with the society with some strong and valuable thoughts.

You can be energetic

When you have enough sleep at night, your mind will be relaxed and get ready for the next day’s activities. As a result, with more energy, confidence, focus, you can carry on with your work. This will help you to be successful in your career as well.

The bottom line

Thus, you might have got some idea of how sleep can help you to maintain sound health. However, just sleeping will not be helpful completely. Sound sleep is one in the list of important things. So, you need to focus on the time you are sleeping, your regular diet, exercise you are doing and several others. When you care individually for all these, you can be happy and healthy. Besides, you can also consult with the right medical specialist at the necessary time.