June 6, 2024


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Indonesia: The Beauty of South-East Asia


Burnout with your works? Diminished personal accomplishment has been reported as one of the effects of work burnout. Having quality time to calm and refresh the mind is importantly needed to not only who is burnout as one of the solutions. Maybe it’s a chance for you to be a Lazy Monk. You can have this one with a short vacation, or maybe a little longer one with your loved ones. And Indonesia is an option for you to have a vacation.

Where is Indonesia?

You may have not heard where Indonesia is. If you are, Indonesia isa country in Southeast Asia. It is located between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Indonesia is neighboring with many Southeast Asia countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, and even Australia of the Australian continent.

Why Indonesia is the destination?

Indonesia is an archipelago country within more than 17.000 islands. Indonesia is well-known for its beauty. Hence, it is a must come country for foreigners and even locals to explore the magnificence of the country. In Indonesia, you can find anything that you need during your vacation. Indonesia is a well-known country with its mega-biodiversity. Hence, you can find either fauna or flora widely distributed from the east to the west of Indonesia. Or maybe you want to look up an endemic one? Then, you can go to the particular site – habitat – where it lives.There are also several zoos or conservation sites you can go to while traveling in Indonesia.


Rafflesiaarnoldii flower (Source: www.jambi.tribunnews.com)

For an instance, you can go to Way Kambas National Park in Lampung province to have a look at several faunas such as Sumatran rhinoceros, Sumatran elephants, and, if you are lucky, Sumatran tigers and Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara to look for komodo dragons.If you want to look at any diversities in floras, you can go to Kerinci Seblat National Park in Sumatra Island. At the national park, you will be served with such a view. About 4.000 types of plants live at the national park and some of them are endemic like the Rafflesiaarnoldii


Panoramic view of Mount Bromo (Source: www.wikipedia.org)

On the other hand, if you want to look up for beaches or mountains, you can find them in almost all provinces in Indonesia. A popular Mount Bromo, which is located in East Java, is one of the mountains you should travel to. The traveling is recommended to go in the very morning (before the dawn) to see the sunrise. Also, as a volcano mountain, you can go to the crater of the mountain and, maybe, ride a horse on its caldera.

Raja Ampat Islands view (Source: www.indonesiad.com)

If you prefer to go to a hotter place like a beach or sea, Raja Ampat Islands is a choice for you to have a chance to see the greatness of this world. Located in West Papua province, it serves you white sand beaches and many spots to dive with thousands of marine bio-diversity.Besides Raja Ampat Island, you may go to Bali. Well-known as The Island of Gods, Bali provides you a lot of beaches from east to west, north to south of the island. For example, Tegal Wangi Beach with its coral walls serves you a natural Jacuzzi-like, shaped by the coral, at the shore. The beach is located at the southern of the island. There are still several places in Indonesia where it will amaze you with such a view and excitement to reduce your burnout.

The Scratch off World Map by Lazy Monk before it is getting scratched (seen as gold color)

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Ultimately, list Indonesia as a must-to-go country in your bucket list to go! Do not forget to buy the Lazy Monk Scratch Off Map of The World to have a fun journey!