March 1, 2024


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Know Everything About Buying the Perfect Gemstone Engagement Rings


Engagement Ring is the symbol as the huge milestone in a relationship. It is a symbol of commitment and the promise to love each forever. This is generally the largest purchase made by males. Yes, it is true. Males usually don’t have an idea what they’re buying for their lady because the lack of information. Everyone wants to get just the right Engagement Ring. There are no set rules of buying your Best Engagement Ring.

Choosing an Engagement Ring can be very stressful like there are lots of things to look after like Design, Style, Color, Carat, Clarity, etc. Then there is what type of metal, the setting and so many other important factors. Unfortunately, you end up making wrong choices. So, to save you from making blunders we have gathered all the necessary and important information on Buying the Perfect Engagement Ring.

Do you also want the same Diamond Engagement Ring? Or you what to break the rules with Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings? You must consider factors like Gem’s Durability, Clarity, Wearability, and Hardness. Colored Gemstone Rings are stunning. They are unusual, beautiful and show royalty. Below Know Everything About Buying the Perfect Gemstone Engagement Rings


Why Choose Gemstones Over Diamonds?

Gemstone is gaining popularity like never before. They are as long lasting as diamonds. Colored Gemstones have more meaning and symbolize individuality and uniqueness of your personality. Whether someone wants Unique Engagement ring or Wedding Rings, Gemstones is for everyone. They are trendier due to the color range they come in. Color popping adds more to your personality then traditional diamond ring. Gemstones are here to stay and make a great impact on jewelry business. Today, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge wears beautiful and royal Sapphire Diamond Engagement ring from the royal collection of Queen Diana.

Colors of Gemstones

Explore the world of colored of rainbows. From the deep red, sky blue, grassy green. There is gem for everyone. Second with colored gems you can add more creativity with designs, they add a distinctive touch to the pieces with their colors and shine. Plus, they add meaning to the Rings, as you can engrave your Birthstone to your Engagement ring for personal touch. Every gemstone has historic symbolism, like sapphire signifies – Truth, Faithfulness and Sincerity.


Durability of Gemstones

Searching for Engagement Ring’s stone, durability is one of the most considerable factors, as you wear every day. Besides Diamonds they are many durable stones available which you consider as well. The MOHs scale of hardness helps in identifying the durability of stones. Diamond is the hardest at 10, the corundum family Sapphire and Ruby at 9, Chrysoberyl at 8.5, Spinel at 8. We suggest don’t go below 8 as you wear Engagement Ring on the regular basis.

Toughness and stability as the other aspects of durability. Toughness means how well the gemstone survives broken and cracking. Example opal and Tanzanite is not so tough stone, so avoid wearing them every day, save them for some special occasion. Stability refers if the stone can bear the change in temperature and humidity or the how they react to chemical contact. Extreme changes can affect some gemstones, so you need to be very careful while picking these stones as your Wedding Ring. Also, some gemstones require regular checkups for maintaining their color, clarity and have an everlasting life.

where the gem come from and who owned it

As gemstones are royal and before engraving them on your Engagement Ring. Do know where the gem come from?  Like Ruby from Myanmar can cost you more than Ruby from Mozambique, due to some special quality or rarity. Some Gemstone have historical provenance. An antique or vintage gemstone comes with great value and story to tell. It can be your family gemstone or someone else, vintage gemstones have special admirers. 

Caring of Your Favorite Stone

You will want to keep it new, shining and ravishing, but you need to take care of Gemstone Engagement ring. Every gemstone has different material and treatment method, but usually all you need a is warm water, and a soft cloth. I would suggest avoiding using of ultrasonic cleaners if you are unsure about the durability of the stone. And once in a while an expert maintenance would be great for your Wedding Ring.

Certification is Important

Certification is important to really know what you are buying because with Engagement ring, it is a financial aspect also. To make sure you get the best value, asked for a GIA certification from the store. It will valid the gem identity, its property and how it has been treated. From this you may also be able to know your Gemstone Engagement ring better.

I think we have summed up everything you need to know about Buying Gemstone Engagement Ring. I know buying an Engagement ring or Wedding Ring is a personal and emotional decision, but you are investing your savings on something very important, so you need to be sure about it. I hope this blog will make your purchase easier than before.