June 7, 2024


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Lavender Oil Benefits for Hair and How to use it?


Lavender essential oil is well-known for its skin and hair care benefits. It is one of the well-known essential oil. Boasting many uses and heavenly scent, this oil is extracted from the lavender flowers. According to studies, lavender oil has many advantages for hair health and beauty.

In this article we will discuss lavender oil benefits for hair and how to use it for your hair and scalp.

Lavender Oil Hair Benefits:

Lavender owns diverse benefits of hair health and growth. Some of the lavender hair benefits are described here.

  • Lavender Helps to Promote Hair Growth:

Lavender essential oil is best for stimulating hair growth. According to the studies, it shows that lavender oil helps to grow more hair. The hair grew thicker and faster than normal. The benefits of lavender are more effective if it is directly applied into the hair along with some carrier oils. According to the researches, lavender may also help against alopecia and baldness.

  • Lavender Oil is Antibacterial in Nature:

According to the review in 2014, lavender also has anti-microbial properties. It can help to prevent bacteria and fungi. It may also help to prevent major hair and scalp issues. It may also prevent itchy scalp and dandruff problems.

  • May Prevent Lice Problem:

According to studies, lavender oil can help to prevent head lice problem. Lavender oil along with tea tree oil is tested; it may help to kill lice and also reduce the risk of getting lice in your head.

  • Skin Inflammation Properties:

Lavender is well-known remedy for skin burns and inflammations. Use lavender essential oil for hair and scalp care. It may help to reduce skin inflammation and dryness issues. Lavender oil can also help to speed up the healing process if needed.

How to apply lavender oil on hair:

Using lavender oil for hair has a lot of benefits. Here we are mentioning some ways to use lavender for your hair and scalp.

  • Massage Lavender Oil on your Scalp:

Mix lavender oil with some carrier oil and massage it onto your scalp to get best of lavender hair growth and benefits. Using dilute oil is way better to use on your scalp. You can mix essential oil with jojoba or coconut oil. Mix carrier and lavender oil in the equal parts.


Follow this routine before bath or shower. Apply oil in the hair roots and let it sit for about 45 minutes. Rinse it off with any organic shampoo if desired. You can also leave it overnight with your hair wrapped in a towel or hair cap for more benefits.

You will experience lavender calming and healing benefits. Apply this oil at least once a week for better results.

  • Buy Hair Care Products with Lavender Oil Additives:

There are many hair care brands in USA that are offering organic products that are infused of natural essential oil. Hair products with lavender oil already in them can calm your scalp and leaves a soft fragrance. You can try lavender oil shampoo and conditioner for hair care.

While purchasing hair products, read the labels carefully. If there is lavender essential oil or lavender hydrolate then you can use this product for their hair. Don’t forget to check the brand that either they are offering chemical free products. The more natural ingredients and carrier oil is better. 

  • Add Lavender Oil to your Hair Care Products:

You can also add lavender essential oil by adding them in your hair care products. You can add some amount of lavender oil in your shampoo, conditioner or any other product you are using. Add 5 to 6 drop per ounce to be safe. Use hair product according to the direction.

You can also add few drops directly to the hair product in your palm right before applying. Use it often as you would use your hair care products. You can add some amount of lavender in your home made shampoo.

  • Try Lavender Hair Mask:

Use lavender hair mask once in a week if your hair are dry. Lavender owns many benefits for your hair. Likewise hair serum, it will help to moisturize your hair and scalp and prevent hair breakage. You can try home-made lavender mask or buy hair mask with lavender extracts.

  • Use Hair Serum with Lavender Oil:

Hair serums are mostly designed to provide special care against split ends. You can use hair serum for your hair looks as they make them shiny and smooth. Hair serum is also best for frizzy and oily hair.

Some of the hair serums contain lavender oil additives for its affects. They have some kind of scalp benefits but fewer hair growth benefits. Hair serum with essential oil may also prevent hair from breaking.

Make sure to read the labels and ingredients. Products that list lavender oil are best to use especially if you have a dry hair and scalp problem. Follow the instructions mentioned on the products for how often you should use care products.