February 25, 2024


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Lettering: The Art of Drawing Letters – Alternatives


If you want to have good art so that your letters can look amazing, lettering is the best option you can consider.

The multi-tool offers techniques so that you can progressively develop any style of letter, designed to suit your needs.

The objective of this alternative will allow you to improve your branding, so this type of option must be taken into account so that you can draw your letters.

What is lettering?

Lettering is one of the most complex ways for you to draw letters, where you can use different techniques to build a better definition of them.

Many have a definition of this as an art in which letters can be drawn using different types of writing that can be applied.

There are elements of writing that could be in a specific way, such as the size, and the style that the letter will be drawn, since to be able to make each of the letters it is necessary to have precision, however there are many ways to be able to carry out each one of them.

Types of Lettering

There are different types of lettering that could help you in your projects, techniques that give you a better vision of each of them.

The different techniques shown below will allow you to know many ways that you can apply within your letters.

Hand Lettering

hand lettering

To be able to carry out this type of technique within the lettering, you do not need any advanced technique so that you can apply it within your drawing of letters, since with just having pointed and beveled markers you can make your letters acquire and style to achieve the desired letters with this type of drawing technique.

Keep in mind that the art of drawing these types of letters must be fine, uniform and elegant, where you should not worry too much about overloading them, so that they can have a design that can be totally modern and can go with all kinds of environments. , since it is sought with this type of lettering technique, to create letters that can be sophisticated.

Brush Lettering

brush lettering

It is another of the techniques that is more widely known today, since it has become very popular, since it is widely used locally and outdoors. Its objective is to be able to express an art

that can be seen modern through the typeface.

But you must bear in mind that to be able to carry this type of drawing technique, it is necessary to know its technique: you must have a lot of practice, with the habit that you can carry when applying it, since it is an internalized form, taking into account that for the brush lettering you should use some materials such as the brush pen.

This type of material to be able to draw your letters allows you to have a better flexibility with the tip so that you can make different pressures so that you can create different contrasts with your letters.



Chalk lettering is another of the techniques to learn to develop the art of drawing letters, although it may be a little simpler than the other techniques.

This type of technique must be practiced a lot so that you can have an improvement within your practice, since this type of technique is practiced mostly on blackboards.

Normally this is the most common type and is the one we see most commonly in places such as cafes and outdoor restaurants during the day, for example to put a menu.

To be able to make these types of letters, you have to practice a little with time and with the right tools to ensure quality at all times.

Lettering digital


As everything has progressed our way of making lettering, there are also other techniques that have improved, for which different types of applications have been created so that you can make it automatically.

Within these applications, you will be able to find the sources where it will only be necessary to write the message, as well as there are applications so that you can make your letter drawings manually, in the style that you want to represent digitally.

Currently there are lettering applications that you can use to design your own fonts, where you can make your letter designs within the applications, until you find different shapes with custom templates.

The intention is to facilitate your task so that you can put a specific writing and do not have to worry about making the art of drawing the letters without having the lines.


Through these applications you will be able to have everything more easily through all its characteristics, which you can acquire through several stores of downloads of apks for cell phones and tablets.

Some recommendations to start making digital lettering are the following:

  • DaFont: It is a website to download fonts. In DaFont you will be able to obtain an endless number of different predesigned fonts, ready to be used in your project.
  • Wordle: It is an application that allows you to make word scrambled words, the image example in this section is made with Wordle.

Materials for essentials to get started with Lettering

To start with lettering it is necessary to have some materials so that you can do it with better precision and at the same time have a good technique, which each of them can help you when obtaining them.

The best tool you can use to learn to draw is to design a layout before making the outline of any letter, which will serve as a guide.

It will also be useful for you to have a good distribution of space on the paper, since you must also have a good outline of the letters, taking into account that the preferred paper must be of quality.

Does lettering bear any resemblance to calligraphy or typography?

Many of us have both concepts related in one, but in reality they have nothing to do with it, and for this we will define each of them.

This way you can take into account the differences that each concept has separately, so below we show you what each one of them means and so you can get to know them a little more.



Typography is a set of characters that have the same shape, since they have the same design and style, and they would be the common characters that we already know.


Calligraphy is the art of learning to develop good writing, in which we must take size into account, and it is one of the techniques used to be able to have good writing as this type of alternative is practiced.

As we have mentioned before, lettering is the art that develops. In order to give our letters a little more style. It is necessary to practically draw our letters so that they can be seen with a different font and in this way you can have an appearance that can give a different concept to what you want to represent at the moment.

Lettering techniques

The lettering technique is one of the things that you must take into account when practicing this art, since this can help you each time to perfect what you can achieve with this type of letter drawing little by little.

You must bear in mind that at the beginning the results of the lettering may not be very good, but with practice your technique improves as you develop this type of art, so you can have improvements little by little.

You must bear in mind that in this type of art there is no exactitude with respect to a style or perfection, since everyone has a unique style when making the letters.

The most important thing is that you must practice and be totally natural, taking into account each of the techniques, in order to have the identity that can define you within this art.

But to start, we recommend using the brush lettering technique, so that you can have a training in your beginnings. This is based on making upward strokes, where you must rest your marker, to create a fine stroke. Likewise, we also recommend making downward strokes, where you must support the lung to create thicker strokes.

These two techniques are very important to perform as they will help you to make different contrasts in letters, taking into account that the more you practice these strokes, they will help you to have a better training in this art.

  • Another type of technique that you can use to start in the world of lettering, is to take a soft paper that has the best stippling, an eraser and a pencil, and start doing all your stroking exercises, since they are the basic materials that you should have at your fingertips so you can make this magnificent art of letter drawing.
  • It is recommended to practice the entire alphabet, since with this you can improve each of the letters progressively and at the same time you can automatically track how to do each of the letters at the time. prayers. By doing this you will be able to achieve a significant advance, taking into account that you must practice variations and contrasts in them each time.
  • Regarding the type of marker, so that you can practice in your first beginnings it is necessary that you have one with a fine tip and another with a thick tip so that you can practice different types of thickness with the letters. It will also allow you to make variations when using markers, keeping in mind that it is important to highlight the different techniques during your lettering practice. It is important so that you can differentiate the types that exist and at the same time you can find the best definition that you want to represent when expressing this wonderful art when making your letters.

Where is lettering commonly used?

Currently we have seen that this art of writing letters has been used a lot to give it a bit of style in restaurants and bistro cafes, since this can draw even more attention and is focused a bit towards the vintage trend.

Therefore, it is one of the things that are currently in fashion to put on restaurant menus and also written where you want to express a message through the typeface.

It is possible to do it using a blackboard or a digitizer at the moment you want, until it reaches the moment within a specific space, or its final destination.

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