May 30, 2024


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Make Your Home Look like an Interior Decorator Spruced It up in a Day


Most homeowners delay the decision to give their home a makeover as long as possible because they believe will cost them too much money and time. However, not only will a complete makeover of your home not set you back a lot in terms of money but you can do a great job as well, worthy of a professional interior decorator. The best thing about this makeover is that it can be achieved in under a day with minimal effort.

Rearranging the furniture

The obvious method to spruce up your home’s interior is also the most efficient one. Rearranging the furniture is a simple task that will transform your living room or bedroom in under an hour. After you envision the new setup, start by pulling all the furniture away from the wall so you can manipulate it with ease. In order for the “shirt” to take effect, move all of the pieces of furniture to a different location. This way, you won’t spend a penny but you’ll still get a completely new look of your home’s interior.

Art needs moving as well


Like the furniture, the art pieces will need some shifting as well. For instance, you can replace the large picture that used to hang above the living room sofa with several smaller pieces of art after the sofa is displaced. This way, your living room will get that gallery look that will make it posher and ultimately raise its value. You needn’t purchase new art pieces, as rearranging the ones you already own will do the trick. A table from the bedroom can now hang in the kitchen, for instance. Also you get some advises from: Home improvement blog.

More than a simple bookcase

A simple bookcase became an iconic piece of furniture in the 20th century. However, this doesn’t mean that the bookshelves in your home cannot benefit from some styling. Firstly, you can arrange the books in a way that their spines form a pattern. Secondly, you can choose to store books and magazines horizontally so you would have more room for other pieces like photo frames, floral displays, vases, etc. You can create your own decorative objects using nothing more than paper.


Decorating the floors

No interior makeover would be complete without tending to the floor. You can always go with bare floors but hardwood floors aren’t always the best option. Any interior decorator will tell you that you need to get at least a rug or a mat of some sort. In fact, feel free to go with a large rug that would cover the center of the room. There are countless patterns to choose from as you can order rugs online to be delivered to your home’s doorstep. When it comes to the kitchen and the bathroom where tiles cover the floors, look for anti-slip mats to prevent possible injuries.

Removing accessories

So far, we have been advising you to add accessories and decorations to your home. However, if you have clutter issues, then a renovation might actually imply removing some of the accessories from your home. If there are magazines lingering around, you can find a new place for them on a rack in the kitchen, for example. Furthermore, keys can be hung in the hall instead of lying around the living room. The sprucing up process doesn’t only consist of moving and adding furniture but it also involves removing those pieces which are an evident surplus. Instead of them try putting flowers to improve looks of your home.

A cheap way to spruce up the sofa

If you have an old sofa whose design doesn’t match your interior design plans, don’t throw it out just yet. It is cheaper to buy new cushions or reupholster the old ones than to buy a brand new couch. Just like rugs, you can order these cushions online and choose the pattern you want. Just make sure you get the colors right so they would fit in nicely with the new décor.

Overhead light fixtures

After dark, the most important segment of a home’s look is going to be light sources. The remodeling of the house should incorporate novel light fixtures. Start by replacing old incandescent lightbulbs with LED ones. The change should be simple enough since the replacement is 1-to-1. Furthermore, you can add chandelier to the living room if the ceiling is high enough so as to fill out empty space.

As you have seen from the interior design ideas we brainstormed for you, a total remodeling of your home is possible within a single day. In addition, you needn’t pay an interior decorator to come up with innovative interior décor solutions because you can think of a novel design for next to nothing. Something as little as repositioning the living room sofa can do wonders for the look of your home.