March 2, 2024


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Mejorenvo: Best alternatives that work in 2022

mejorenvo alternatives

At some point we’ve all wanted to enjoy a nice movie in the afternoon but maybe we couldn’t because we don’t have a streaming service like HBO Max or Netflix, so we present you the best options to be able to watch movies from the internet with one of the best video qualities and with the best titles on the market. That is why we present Mejorenvo.

If some of the following Mejorenvo alternatives are not of your interest, we recommend visiting a more extensive list in the following article.


Mejorenvo long ago it was one of the best torrents that people used to download movies, series and other entertainment. It was one of the most visited in its time and it had the best films.

One of the things that made it one of the most famous was that you could find the movies that were even on the bill. These had a very good video and audio quality, which led to this page being promoted.

The video quality that these platforms handled since the lowest was 720P, which for some is a lot.

Mejorenvo like other piracy distribution sites was closed by the FBI In Spain, since as many of us know, piracy distribution is illegal in most countries. For this reason, the platform had to be closed some time ago.

Alternatives to Mejorenvo




Elite Torrent is a website where you can find movies and series with different titles in each of these sections. You will have the possibility to download the premieres that are currently on the billboard.

You can find genres such as drama, comedy, mystery, crime and action, each of them has several famous titles of its genre.

You can find a video quality of 720p and 1080p in each movie and series, it depends on the titles you choose to know the expected quality, a good alternative to Mejorenvo.

It has movies in the Castilian Spanish language, Latin Spanish, English movies, yes movies subtitled in Spanish, these have the language in the upper left part so you can know in which language it is.

If you are concerned about the space that the film occupies at the bottom, you will be able to know the GB’s that this film weighs.


HBO max

Unlike Mejorenvo, this platform is paid, the monthly cost of it is 99 Mexican pesos but currently it has a valid promotion until July 31 and with it you will pay only 49.50 Mexican pesos.

You can see titles like Tom and Jerry, Gossip Girl and 1 of the most important leagues in the world The Champions League. Until a few months ago it arrived in Latin America and with it it will bring new titles.


You can download this platform on your smartphone, take a tablet, laptop or PC and on your Smart TV, you can put up to 5 profiles in your account, you will have the option to create for adults and children.

You have the option of being able to download the movies or series that you say to be able to see them wherever and whenever you want, so you will take the fun everywhere.

You can have up to 6 months free of HBO if you log in with a distributor such as Telmex or IZZI and thus pay for your month with your contract.




On this site you can find various new and old movies, it has a great video quality from HD, with 720 P being the lowest,

It has face of cinematographic theories such as action, animation, adventure, science fiction, comedy, and many more.

Unlike other platforms such as Mejorenvo, this one has a Documentary section where you can find spaces such as Antarctica and space,

If we talk about its video resolution, it has the lowest of 720p, HD, HDRip, MicroHD and BluRay, being this the lowest.

Compared to other platforms, it offers a premium subscription option to Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime and other streaming platforms.

It has the option of being able to see movies in 3d of course only if you have the appropriate equipment, if you create an account with this site you will be able to see the films, series or documentaries that have been left halfway. and to be able to have the option of recommended according to your previously seen movies.




Like Mejorenvo this site called moviesdvdr has too many new and old movies and unlike others it does not have series, but good titles like LALALAND which was an Oscar winner.

It has very good genres such as action and adventure, animation, war, comedy, dramas and other options.

Like the previous page, it has a section on documentaries, some of them are from Netflix and some others from various film platforms.

It has more than 1000 titles, without a doubt you will be able to spend a great time exploring all these titles, you will have great hours of fun with your family or friends.

It has languages which are Castilian Spanish, Latin Spanish, English and films with Spanish subtitles. A good alternative to Mejorenvo.

If what you like are musicals, where you will find some titles like Fame and Annie.


For the little ones there is an animation section where you will find titles like Ice Age and SpongeBob SquarePants.




Like most digital platforms like Mejorenvo, it has new releases which are still at the box office, so you can enjoy new movies whenever possible. These days they have movies like Fast and Furious 9 and Black widow.

Like many websites, it has series which you can listen to in Spanish since most of them are translated into Spanish. Among the most critically acclaimed is Attila’s grave, Rick and Morty, and Zoo.

You will be able to see these movies in a Spanish Castilian and Latin Spanish language, it has a resolution in HD, 3D HD and Ultra HD.

Like many of the platforms, the sale of subscriptions to premium platforms such as Spotify, Disney + and Netflix is offered, these have a cost of 15 euros per year and without a doubt it is much cheaper than the common cost.

If you want to receive news about the movies and series that you like the most, you can join a telegram group where the most relevant news will be sent to you daily. As well as links to see your favorite movies, and similar topics to Mejorenvo.




On this site you will find movies totally free, and in high quality since they have 4k UHD, all films have a rating based on 5 stars, without a doubt this can help to know which movie we should see according to the public that visits this site .

It has a section of latest releases where you can see the movies that are currently on the billboard. With good video quality, not only that, but the movies that were currently added like this are old movies.

Its search engine is a bit simple compared to Mejorenvo, but good since you can search the movies by genre or by year since it has movies from 1994 to the current year.

It has a section of recommended where you can see the movies and as its name says you can see the movies recommended by the public.

It has a series section where it has Netflix titles and other alternatives in case you want to see other titles that are not available there.




This website has a too basic interface since it only has a search engine where you can see if the movie you want is found.

Compared to Mejorenvo, this site has movies, open TV, music, games, apps, anime and others.

In each of them you will be able to find different things at all times, since it is updated from time to time by putting movies that are on the billboard.

And if we talk about games you can find titles for play station, x box 360, pc, Nintendo and other consoles. Among the most wanted are Call of Duty, Mario Kart and Fifa.

If what you are looking for are applications, you can download Windows, Photoshop, FL Studio and others, since all of these are totally free.

You can find music that is to your liking, this is divided by genre, album or Playlist. where you will find all of them, from the 90’s until now.

Compared to Mejorenvo, this site has anime. The anime that is shown on this platform is mostly translated into Spanish, it has titles like Naruto.

One of its cons is its interface since you will not be able to know if what you want to see is available on this platform.




This page is the same as Mejorenvo since it is also governed by torrents to which you can find, series, movies and television channels. you can easily access all of them in that section. you will be able to watch fast and furious 9 and other relevant movies.

If you want to download music, it has a special section for them, you can download MP3, Flac files. To find the complete discography of your favorite artists, you will find entire playlists about your favorites.

It has a video game section where you can find titles for your PC, Mac OSX, Linux, classic games and new titles. You can find titles like Mario Kart, Resident evil, and others.

If you like reading, you can download books from this platform, it has audiobooks, tutorials and new titles, such as paper cities.

If you like anime you can find manga and movies about your favorite anime like Naruto, Naruto Shippuden.

You will be able to watch sports in this application, such as soccer, basketball and Formula 1 races. More themed than Better!

It also has applications for PC, Mac OS and Linux. You will find applications like Photoshop and Office.


mejorenvo alternativas


On this website you can find different new movies like Black Widow, River. on the right side it shows you the weight of the movies or series, the downloads it has had and the time it takes.

It also has series, it has the same as the previous only that now you can add the episodes that these seasons have.

It has a music section where you can find a play list where you will find more than 100 songs, all about a different stage such as the 80s or pop.

It also has a video game section where you can find titles like Resident Evil or GTA. In it you can see the weight they have and the episodes that Mejorenvo has.

It has apps where you will find titles such as Microsoft office and other programs, it has television programs such as Argentine master chef, the house of flowers and runrig.

Risks of using Mejorenvo: Torrent downloads.

Remember that each of these sites can bring with it a type of virus, since these are sent by someone outside.

So we recommend that you do not download or watch movies from these sites as they correspond to your security risk, you may lose files from your PC to put your screen account at risk. It never hurts to have security and not regret it later.

If you are a distributor or you plan to download this, remember that at least it is Mexico, it is illegal and you can pay yourself 3 to 10 years in prison according to the federal Criminal Code, so it is better to hire a streaming service of your choice, like Mejorenvo.

Conclusions – Mejorenvo

As I said, we do not recommend the use of these platforms, but we know that sometimes some people do not have the possibility of contracting any of these services and they are very famous for these platforms.

Some of these platforms are famous for containing viruses and others not if you want to visit them make sure you know that they do not have viruses.

For the comments about Mejorenvo, it was one of the best since it had all the premieres, series, video games and other things which helped its growth.

It was so famous that its expansion came to the hands of the authorities who took action on the matter and decided to close this site to stop the distribution of piracy.

BitCuco does not encourage the downloading, sale or distribution of pirated software, video games, books or movies.