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MejorTorrent – Best Alternatives of 2022


MejorTorrent was once one of the best torrent sites on the Internet. But, now the site is disabled and it is no longer possible to download videos from there.

Fortunately MejorTorrent is not the only option we have for torrent downloads. Here we show you some of the current options that exist and that are functional for the year 2022.

It is very important to show that many torrents contain serious copyright violations, therefore avoid downloading any torrent without judgment. Before downloading torrents, you should verify that the desired resource is not copyrighted or you could have legal problems.

Still, we strongly discourage the use of platforms like MejorTorrent for download videos. However, we show this information for judicious readers.

From MejorTorrent to MejorTorrent1


Due to the closure of the MejorTorrent servers in July 2018, a new site emerged with similar names and features as the original BestTorrent. Its name is a MejorTorrent1.

The operation of MejorTorrent1 is similar to that of MejorTorrent: It allows you to download audio material, movies and series in normal and HD formats. The community is very active, where they upload content daily with a total of 50 thousand torrents available on the site.

The interface of MejorTorrent1 is very simple, as well as the explanation of use and its warnings, for example the downloads that are made on the site are expected to be rewarded by uploading content, however registration is free.

Some of the contents of MejorTorrent1 have been indicated to infringe copyright, therefore you should avoid downloading copyrighted material to avoid sanctions.

To access the MejorTorrent1 site, the url of the site is Opening this website is at your own risk, as well as any of the sites listed here.

The Pirate Bay

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The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular MejorTorrent alternatives. It was launched on September 15, 2003 as a site to search for BitTorrent files (or torrent), among which you can download all kinds of multimedia material, from movies, music, among other media.

Despite the multiple complaints that The Pirate Bay has had, it continues to work. For example, in 2014 and 2018, the service was suspended for a short time, to be restored through the use of a proxy or VPN.

Due to downloads of copyrighted material, as of today, that is, in 2021, the site is still active. However, we cannot guarantee that it will continue to function in the coming months or years.

Despite the multiple complaints that The Pirate Bay has had, it continues to work. For example, in 2014 and 2018, the service was suspended for a short time, to be restored through the use of a proxy or VPN.


Despite frequent server changes and frequent complaints due to downloads of copyrighted material, as of today, that is, in 2021, the site is still active. However, we cannot guarantee that it will continue to function in the coming months or years.

To access the site of The Pirate Bay click here. The url of the site is Opening this website is at your own risk.



The DivxTotal site is a very famous site for torrenting. Similar to MejorTorrent, it contains a lot of content, but also a lot of advertising. It is one of the sites that have faced legal problems, and for this reason they have changed domain on several occasions.

DivxTotal is currently a popular download site in Spain and other Latin American countries, even though it has been closed on several occasions. Being the most recent in February 2018.

Using DivxTotal is illegal in many countries, however many people use it to download free torrents. There are many series, movies, HD movies, premieres, and TV shows that many users search for for free, which can also be found on legal platforms such as Netflix, HBO, or the like.

To access the current site or see the Divxtotal alternatives, go to, opening it is at your own risk.



Cuevana is a website from Argentina that is in version 3. It is a torrent download site that contains options to download movies, series and premieres in Spanish, English and with subtitles.

Similar to MejorTorrent, it allows free torrent downloads through the site, and contains various movies that infringe copyright, and therefore its use is not recommended.

The initial launch of Cuevana in its first version was in 2009, where in a matter of two years it became one of the 20 websites with the most visits in Argentina, reaching more than half a million visits daily.

His first legal problems began in 2011, with a lawsuit from HBO, and the lawsuits continued for an approximate period of three years, doubts about copyright infringement.

Cuevana currently contains several illegal movies, however the site is still active in 2021, but we do not know if it will be banned in the coming months.

To access the Cuevana site or see Cuevana alternatives, click on the link. The url of the site is Opening this website is at your own risk.


eFilm is a streaming resource lending platform. Unlike other free platforms, you require a public library card to access thousands of classic films, documentaries, among other services.

It is an option that contains a lot of new or unfamiliar material, so that you can access it for free and find a lot of legal content. It also does not have spam or intrusive advertising.


The loan system allows you to create your own library, search for versions with subtitles, dubbed into Spanish or other versions, available for different devices and with the same ease as any streaming platform.

To access the platform for free, click on this link. Its link is

Pepe Cine


PepeCine is a MejorTorrent alternative to watch online videos. Being a platform to watch movies and series online, you do not need to download torrents that put the security of your computer at risk.

One of the advantages that PepeCine has is to be able to watch your videos for free and online; however, you will need to register before you can view videos on the site, which avoids the anonymity that other sites keep from users who use the site.

Despite the site being active, many of its contents infringe copyright, so even though the platform is currently active (year 2021), it is possible that in the coming months or years it may cease to be in operation.

To see videos or alternatives of PepeCine, go to the url By opening the site, you do so at your own risk.


It is a website in English that is used to download P2P videos and movies using the BitTorrent protocol. Despite having a high Alexa score (788), the website has been blocked in some countries around the world.

The site was launched in 2008 for downloading videos, games, music, and software via torrents, similar to MejorTorrent. However, the site has been a target for the Bulgarian justice because many of its contents violate copyright.

The website has faced several blocks, the first being in 2014, and the list expanding in subsequent years. For damage to intellectual property.

It still contains a lot of material, which you can view at your own risk on its website. The website is located here. Where is the url.

Torrent Z^2

Another website focused on downloading videos via torrent. This platform contains movies, documentaries, games, series, etc. It is a replacement for the original, closed in 2016.

The site allows the transfer of P2P torrent, however, as in the other free platforms, many of its contents infringe the copyright of several movies and games, and therefore, even when the site is currently active (year 2021), it could shut down the site in the next few months or years.

The website is as follow: The site, like all previous platforms that violate copyright, we do not recommend them, however you can open it at your own risk.



EZTv is another torrent download website. Despite having closed in 2015, it continues to operate with its new domain.

It is an official torrent download site, functioning as MejorTorrent, where users can upload and download their videos using a BitTorrent protocol.

Despite its increasing popularity (Alexa 2476 in August 2020), the site is still a security risk due to the download of files with possible viruses or other malware.

The site contains several illegal movies and series (as there were on MejorTorrent). As these contents are copyrighted, it is not legal to download them. Which may cause the site to be closed in the coming months or years as required by law. However, you can open the site at your own risk.

The website is located at the following link, and your URL is


SnapTube apk is another MejorTorrent alternative to download videos. It is an Android application that allows you to search for videos and movies from a very intuitive user interface.

Being a mobile application, its use requires the installation of the software, as well as any other mobile application, without this meaning that it is free of security problems.

The mobile application has a series of options, a search bar and a catalog of movies by genre, which requires the latent connection of both parts of the service, in the same way as in any P2P (peer to peer) download of resources or torrent.

As downloading premium videos is an illegal activity in many countries, its use is not recommended, in addition to the fact that external servers are part of the uTorrent network and could contain viruses and malware that could easily install on your cell phone.

The use of SnapTube and any other platform to download videos in torrent format, we do not recommend them.

Other alternatives to MejorTorrent

If you want to download videos using a method other than BitTorrent or MejorTorrent, or if you want to use a 100% legal video platform, you could use YouTube. Leading video streaming platform.

Although the YouTube platform is a totally legal platform, downloading YouTube videos is illegal according to the site’s terms of use, unless it is a video of your own authorship or you have requested authorization from the author of the video. . If this is the case, you could download YouTube videos without any problem.

Some converters could also download videos through other video sources, the most popular of which contain resources hosted on Vimeo and social networks like Facebook.

Remember that in all cases, regardless of whether it is a file transfer via torrent, mp4, mp3, or any other format, if you do not have copyright or explicit authorization from the author of the copyrighted video, you should avoid downloading the video or resource.

Is it safe to use MejorTorrent?

MejorTorrent, as well as other free online video platforms, use torrents to share their videos with other users on the net.

In Spain and other countries this is illegal, since despite being P2P (point-to-point) networks, the shared content is usually content protected by copyright, even when it is not stored on a physical server.

Providing the platform for downloading is enough to make MejorTorrent and other similar platforms illegal. However, as it is a non-profit activity, it is a civil offense rather than a criminal activity that requires jail time.

How do you download a torrent on MejorTorrent?

In the case of MejorTorrent and other streaming platforms, the number of seeds in the torrent means the number of users available to send the content.

Normally torrents are large files, therefore they require high bandwidth to download them, as well as a persistent connection, you could calculate the bandwidth of your network before starting your connection to see the efficiency of your network.

The guides to download are found on each platform, so if you need to download, try to follow the instructions. If you are asked to disable your antivirus or firewall, you could put your computer at risk. We do not recommend it, but sometimes not doing this prevents downloading.

MejorTorrent – Last Words

Downloading torrent from MejorTorrent and other similar websites is illegal in many countries. Therefore, you must refrain from doing so to incur penalties.

However, some other countries allow torrent download to a better extent, as long as it is material not protected with copyright (remember that copyright is a universal right on protected content, which can only be exploited by the author Of content).

The use of MejorTorrent is a security risk activity for your computer, you could download viruses and other types of malware and spyware. It is advisable to avoid doing so and look for official download sites, or use legal streaming platforms.