February 29, 2024


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Mumbai Weekend Plan


Being a vast nation has its benefits, consider India and also the diversity it offers. When there are places with a moderate climate such as Maharashtra. Did you know Mumbai has several locations close to them that provide a respite from considerable humidity and warmth that one must bear while residing in such areas? There are lots of mountain channels in Mumbai that would allow you to breathe easy once the heat gets the better of you.

Panchgani Hill Station

Hill station vacations in India have obtained a completely different picture due to the scenic place. This location surrounded by five mountains and will be the home of many British age monuments and buildings which give to it a high setting. It’s not hard to visit Panchgani as it’s merely 98 km from Pune by road, and it has gained cult status because of several Hindi films which shot here. Directly speaking, this is a place where history signifies modernity in its best avatars!

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

It’s the most exotic holiday destination at Mumbai, located at an altitude of 1, 372 meters. Which becomes a must-visit through the warm and humid summers which are a hallmark of the majority of southern and northern countries. When numerous creatures throng this area and call it their abode, those who may prove deadly to humanity are infrequent. An excellent destination for Mumbai Weekend Plan.


Lonavala Hill Station

It’s all but a pilgrimage which Mumbaikars undertake to take refuge in the sweltering heat of Mumbai. However, it would be erroneous to call those areas only a shelter’ because it might be too dreadful for this tranquil location. There are lots of sightseeing places which are offered here at economical rates that could blow away your minds like Duke’s Nose, Tiger’s Leap and Lohgad and Visapur Fort. What is more, this location indeed well connected with the remainder of Mumbai the issue of conveyance or lodging never arises as many hotels line up this location to lap up tourists. Mumbai favourite destination for Mumbai weekend plan.

Satpura Hill Station

It’s a tribal flavour for this, as many tribal families have left their homes in and about Saputara. As it’s extremely convenient to reside here because of the dense woods that keeps them away from modern culture. Hence tribal hutments and humble dwellings could be seen here too. Satpura is a very chilled out place to go trekking because it’s calm and has all of the comforts to create living; they are simple for tourists.

Lavasa Hill Station

That is an entire package or if we state an all-rounder concerning the ideal balance of beauty and modernity? Though it also is full of natural beauty, modern way of experience aren’t hard to find here. A tourist can enjoy a bus excursion for this ethereal bit of property or move on foot soaking at the first rays of sunlight or indulge in water sports or even encounter world-class dining without committing a bomb! Can any mountain station boast of these striking polarities with such simplicity? What helps this location is your convenient place and effortless mode of transportation that are accessible here at even strange hours hence making it a genuine holiday mountain station destination.


About Lonavala

Found in the western mountain of Sahyadris Hills at an altitude of 625 meters. It’s a Sanskrit word that identifies its surrounding caves. Lonavala has a delightful climate that made it the trendy weekend destination. All these are a part of those eco-tours that bring many experience tourists that the year.

Elephanta Caves

Elephanta caves located near the metropolitan city of Mumbai. It’s called Puri and afterwards became Ghapuri. It’s the capital of the coastal kingdom along with the cave shrine of Lord Shiva.History claims that the Portuguese would be the very first who took ownership of Elephant Island. You will find”stone cut” temples located here as outdated as the 5th century. Internal distances, columns and images can also be situated in the temples.

The whole area is a monument in which stone surfaces are finished and unfinished. The cave also is composed of courtyards, the most important room, shrines and a pure rock mass over the temple.The western and eastern entrances are among those three gates that indicate the axis of the temple. You will find 20 pillared halls and a conserve Shivalingam. Tourists can hit the caves with a 15 minutes boat journey.

Karla Caves

Karla Caves is an ancient Buddhist cave because of 160 BC. It’s thought to be the largest one of the Chaitya Caves. It’s 600 feet stiff top towards the surface with 15 meters broad. These caves reveal evidence regarding the Buddhist ideologies. This can be via stupas and inscriptions. As you go into the cave, you will find sightings of lion columns. These enormous elephant forms signify Gautam Buddha in addition to a little temple of Ekvira Devi. The Chaitya hall has 37 octagonal columns using a characteristic of a façade display made from teak wood. It’s a foundation structure somewhat like a water jar, and the entry adorned with a horseshoe arch. Seeing Karla Cave would require a 12 km push towards Pune along with a left turn death to MTDC’s Holiday Home. Another 3 km push down the narrow street is the path to enter Karla.

Bhaja Caves

Bhaja Caves situated near the Malavali Waterfall in the centre of Lohagad Fort and Visapur Fort. These caves are a lot bigger with a Chaitya design. You will find 18 rock-cut caves as older as because of the 2nd century. The first cave is the location of the master and ten earmarked for the viharas for priests. Another seven caves possess an inscription about its donors. A gorgeous waterfall observed at the conclusion. Tourists should have a 250 feet rise to enter the caves.

The cave houses several sculptures such as a prince seated on a sea, a priest of their chariot, three-armed musicians and dance couples. Tourists who wish to see Bhaja caves ought to reach Malavali channel using a further drive of approximately 3 kilometres to Bhaja village. A local train to Malavali channel also offered.

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

Ajanta and Ellora Caves are situated close to the Aurangabad city. It’s the ancient repository of Indian architectural tradition, with 34 caves at Ellora and 29 caves at Ajanta. The caves became a world heritage site using a preserved artistic heritage for the upcoming generations. Ajanta caves found during the 19th century in the semi-arid Sahayadri hills. The 29 Adjanta caves possess a rich selection of tales about Buddha reincarnations. It had constructed as a private retreat for Buddhist monks, and it houses a number of those celestial sculptures of Buddha preachings.