February 25, 2024


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MyTakin, stable cryptocurrencies exchange


Currently, many people are worried due Bitcoin transactions become expensive, there are some reasons to explain it: hashing difficult increases every block, regulations around the world, and security problems in the traditional exchanges are the main obstacles.

MyTakin is a new generation exchange and implements the Segregated Witness format of address (or Segwit), this is the name used for a soft fork change of the legacy format of transactions format in the bitcoin network. The main purporse of that is reduce bitcoin transactions fees making faster transactions by splitting every transaction into two parts and the size decreases. This means fewer bytes and the transaction size and price decreases. To make Segwit transactions, users must have Segwit wallets (addresses starts with ‘3’ or ‘bc1’) then users can save from 20% to 70% in their transactions fees. For that reason, all MyTakin Bitcoin wallets implements Segwit algorithms to reduce their fees.

Buy Bitcoins with Credit Card


One of the current challenges in Mexico is to find a cryptocurrencies exchange in Mexico that allows to buy Bitcoins with credit or debit card, from the comfort of their personal computer, especially due Paypal’s policies regarding intangible purchases, this means bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies.
MyTakin, Exchange of Cryptocurrencies was founded in 2018 on Mexico, and has many features, first allows the purchase of Bitcoins with credit and debit card, as well the exchange between cryptocurrencies. Since 2017 Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies trading is a popular activity among the population of Mexico, leading in Fintech technologies on Latin America. The sales of Bitcoins are available into the Fiat currency Peso Mexicano (MXN). MyTakin is a good option to buy Bitcoins with a credit card.

Bitcoin Trading OHLC Bars

MyTakin has 10 different markets to open and close trading orders using the follow cryptocurrencies: Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Dash and Viacoin. Also shows real-time OHLC graphics and latest trading statistics in every market (pair of cryptocurrencies) to help users to make better trades.
There are two kinds of orders: Maker orders (user start the order) and taker orders (user closes the order). All orders have a small fee and the users can enter their amounts and price to make transactions, or cancel their orders if needed. All platform features are available by a simple way.
Also users can deposit to their MyTakin wallets in any moment, and make withdrawls to their personal wallets by the same way. All platform bitcoin transactions are processed by Segwit wallet addresses and the average time to receive a fund due a withdrawal is 14 minutes.


Security: Our first goal

Around the world there are constant security riks, among it the numerous hackers trying to hack bitcoin accounts. In the platform exists an additional layer of security, where all information of users, their wallets, transactions and every risk operation within the website, goes through a double encryption mechanism, the main purpose is avoid every security risk in the platform to make secure transactions, and thus avoid any type of attack from outside or even the users networks.
Even so, users must avoid sharing their credentials, passwords and any account information to avoid the theft of their funds, as well as making sure to log out whenever they use the platform outside of their personal computers.

Bitcoin worldwide distribution

MyTakin platform is available in almost every country in the world, except in the countries where their laws explicitly prohibit the use and marketing with cryptocurrencies or virtual assets. Also is pluricultural, the platform is available in three languages: English, Spanish and French.
Due to Mexican laws, it is required to fill a short KYC form, however, users data are protected within the platform and all information are protected according of user’s account level.
MyTakin also gives extra cryptocurrencies by trading. With Bitcoin Piggy, each trade that the users make in the platform, they accumulate points, and with the accumulated points, they could claim prizes in Bitcoins.
Bitcoin piggy prizes are available to all users, the unique requeriment is make transactions in the platform.

Stock Bitcoin – Extra news

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