February 25, 2024


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New Design Cardboard Square Eyeshadow Packaging with Window



Beauty is the basic desire of every person as it is in the nature of a human being. Makeup products are with us for centuries to help enrich the visuals of anybody. From the traditional use of only enhancing beauty, these products have come a long far to now serve many purposes at a time. From skincare to beauty enhancement, these products are now multi-directional. The cosmetic line is one of the hot-selling commodities in the market as they sell like hot pancakes on the market shelves. Consumers always get crazy whenever a new product like Eyeshadow is launched in product line of their preferred brand; these brands have worked hard to get better followership in the market. These big brands invest a large sum of their total revenue in marketing and advertising of their items to maintain their future sales. a small brand is always venerable to being swallowed by big giants in the market due to lack of advertising budget but use of better Eyeshadow Boxes

can help to make a concrete image in the market as these packaging solutions have a superior visual appeal which can help to engage more potential consumers towards the item and also impact the brand loyal consumers with a great gesture. Such packaging is made up of cardboard which makes it easy for customization and printing to be done in superior quality. The versatile nature of cardboard also protects the product in a better way. There are many variants in these cardboard boxes as these can be widely customized, you can use custom cut out windows for better presentation of the product or use of mirror which can help while applying the product. Here are some ideas for unique eyeshadow boxes which you can consider while selecting the packaging style of your choice.

Make-up Brushes

Packaging with lock

Cardboard boxes are becoming more and more common due to the reason of superior versatile nature of the material and the visuals with which it impacts the consumers. This style of packaging can be widely customized in accordance with the need of packaging solution. Boxes with the window cut out can be used for getting better sales of the product; these can be designed with many extra features in it for getting better consumer exposure in the market. Magnetic locks can be used for auto lock purpose and a sturdy closing surety which can impact many women as they usually keep their eyeshadows in their purse or bags on the go which can result in damage to the product, these boxes with lock can safeguard the item in a more creative way. This feature can also target many potential consumers and give them a reason to change from their existing product to your brand.

Foil stamped boxes

Ladies are always a lot conscious about the visuals of everything, rather that is their dress style or beauty products from any brand, the visuals always matter for them. Beauty products are themselves related to the enhancement of visuals so it is very essential for packaging of items like these to be visually superior to any other product packaging in the market. Custom eyeshadow boxes can be lined with premium quality of finishes and can be foiled stamped with gold or silver foiling, depending on the requirements. The stamping option can be used for enhancing the visuals of the box and also communicating any sort of message on them to the consumers, you can make use of this technique to print your logo and tagline on the boxes. The use of box like these can help in gaining better sales as this can impact consumers in a positive way by reflecting the luxurious nature of the product and associating brand with high values in the market by the consumer majority.

Printed boxes

Containers for eyeshadows can be made more appealing by the use of custom printing on them as custom printed boxes have a superior appeal with which they can impact the consumers. The use of color printing on cardboard boxes can create a unique look due to the vibrant colors and enriched visuals it gives. The printed color scheme can be selected in accordance with the palette which accommodates the hue of eyeshadow packaged inside them. The design of printing can also be selected in the preferred interests of your target audience to whom you will go to communicate your product.