March 24, 2023


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PROTEINS SHAKES | How much protein you need?

protein shakes

Within the sports field it is quite common to see the use of milkshakes to complement the daily diet, especially around training. The functions of these shakes can range from simple shakes against constipation or as a meal replacement to smoothies whose function is to help us increase muscle mass.

Next we will talk about the natural shakes for sport and some of its most interesting applications.

smoothies with protein made at home

Homemade protein shakes are mainly used with the aim of increasing the athlete’s muscle mass, although if some carbohydrates and fats are added they can be used as a substitute for a solid meal (although I never recommend replacing a real meal with a shake).

Being a homemade protein shake, it would be advisable to use a quality natural protein such as whey protein, which tastes good, has a high digestibility and is also high in branched chain amino acids, or if we prefer to use A vegetable protein can be used hemp, or you can also try using a soy protein concentrate.

If it is to replace a meal, you can add ingredients such as coconut oil to provide a good amount of fatty acids. Personally, I believe that the greatest possibilities for adding carbs to our homemade protein shakes are oats or muesli.

Within your routine, it will be more convenient consider these smoothies for working out.

To improve our sports performance, we can add supplements such as Creatine, Beta Alanine or some essential amino acid that we think we need. Other ingredients such as nuts are ideal to complement our homemade protein shake.

Milkshakes with protein powder

Well, these shakes are nothing more than a protein powder supplement. At the beginning there were mainly whey protein formulations, whey is only a byproduct of dairy processing which is passed through a microfilter removing lactose molecules, fat and then water is removed , resulting in that whitish powder which we consume in our shakes.


Today there are many more types of protein apart from that of milk, such as soy protein powder, egg powder, casein, pea, rice and even veal.

In fact, did you know that baby food formulations are made with whey protein powder, as well as substitutes for slimming food shakes or formulations given in hospitals to people who can’t chew?

What makes whey protein so unique?

The popularity of this supplement began to increase in the decade of the ’90s making the use of other protein powders will be relieved to the background, this is because:

Whey protein has the highest biological value of all, this is only the amount of protein that our body can absorb and retain when it comes from this source.

The amino acid composition of this protein is very similar to that formed by the musculoskeletal tissue of the human being.

It is the highest protein on the market in branched chain amino acids or BCAAs, which are the ones that play the most important role in the repair and growth of muscle tissue.

It is high in glutamine peptides, an amino acid that helps maintain lean tissue during highly catabolic periods and also helps nourish our intestinal cells.

Its amino acids are formed by short chains of peptides, so it is absorbed faster than any other protein.

It reduces the risk of cancer.

In those with severe or mild renal impairment, whey protein does not affect the renal markers and is even able to slightly improve the condition.

It helps prevent diabetes.

It improves cholesterol levels.

Does the consumption of protein shakes have any contraindications?

Unfortunately for some, it has no contraindication and is that drinking protein shakes is as dangerous as drinking a glass of skim milk, although of course, it is not something miraculous since it is simply powdered food.


They will not destroy their liver, they will not lose their kidneys or die among terrible sufferings, they can be sure of this.

In a nutshell, whey protein powder is just milk that has been filtered to eliminate fat, lactose, and water. Sweeteners and flavours are then added to make the product more palatable to human palates.

How much protein should a homemade protein shake have?

The amount of protein that contains one of these shakes will be approximately 0.5gr of protein per kg of body weight, which will be more or less what a normal meal should contain, this should take special importance in case of using the shake of protein as a substitute.

Surely you will also have doubts about the amounts of other macronutrients, for example if you are in a phase of increasing body weight, this should contain about 1gr of carbohydrates per kg of body weight, and half if we want to lose weight.

As for the amount of fatty acids, these will depend on our metabolism, but as a rule, it would be advisable to contain at least about 10gr of fats.

In case of performing some kind of sports activity, it is advisable to consume a homemade protein shake after performing said activity to improve results and muscle recovery .

Finally a simple recommendation; try that all the powdered ingredients that you add, especially the protein, contain a neutral flavor and you personally add the flavor you want, in this way you will save strange combinations of flavor and you can vary the flavor of your smoothies at will, avoiding that you end up becoming “heavy.”

Slimming shakes prepared at home

As mentioned earlier, the functions of these shakes are varied, so we can also design a homemade shake to lose weight if this is our goal.

Given that diets to lose weight have to be low in calories, people who are in one usually suffer from anxiety attacks for food and of course, hunger. That is why it is recommended that a homemade slimming shake be high in protein, since it is the macronutrient that most affects the levels of Ghrelin and Neuropeptide YY, providing us with a greater satiety. The amount of protein a homemade milkshake should contain should be similar to a protein shake.

As a source of protein I recommend using whey protein, if you suffer from lactose intolerance, then use an isolate or a vegetable, however, both proteins are of excellent quality and are highly beneficial to our health.

Something that may also interest us in this regard are flax seeds because of their high omega-3 content; These, in addition to improving our cardiovascular health, will help us improve our insulin sensitivity and therefore lose more fat.

If our diet is especially low in calories, then the addition of elements high in vitamins and essential minerals such as spirulina can be very interesting. To get more muscular, you may try some pharma grade hgh injections for sale online.

Some protein tips

If you’re one of those people who spend hours working out intensely in the gym, it’s natural to expect bigger and stronger muscles. However, if you’re not putting as much effort into eating the right diet to support your training regimen, then the effects of your tough exercise routines might not give you the results you hope for.

That correct diet should include proteins, which are essential to repair and rebuild the damage damaged after intense weight training. Keep in mind that the benefits of protein are not limited to building muscle as protein is required for various critical bodily functions, plus it will make you appear fuller longer.

Last Words

Meeting the daily protein requirements for someone who works out in the gym every day is not an easy thing to do if you only depend on your diet. Therefore, protein powders are a practical way to reach your daily goals: they are easy to prepare and consume. It is important to take into account that for our body to really benefit from its properties, it must eat and train correctly. This way you will build muscle, you will perform more, in addition to compensating for muscle damage and helping your recovery.