March 3, 2024


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Publish customer success stories


If you want high quality leads, proclaim to the world regarding how successful your students and clients have been.

Case studies are about good stories. They’re about relatable stories. A customer should be able to place himself in the shoes of the person leaving the testimonial and work from there to come up with quality ways to tell your story.

Marketers don’t tend to love case studies because they’re generally uninspiring or boring.

However you can turn them into rallying points to convert people into customers..

Research shows that case studies are extremely effective as a marketing tactic.

To post these case studies use photo or video presentation. People are either audio learners or visual learners. Charts and graphics are plentiful material to drive a point home.

Keep your audience in mind and walk the reader through steps that your client took to fix their own situation.

There are multiple ways to generate targeted leads but techniques that revolve around content marketing tend to work really well. They help you generate leads.


Consider the success of these content marketing strategies before you take a step out to drive leads to your business.

Any lead generation campaign is only successful when you have regular benchmarks to test its success.

Provide a solution to the problem in a video

In addition, use video marketing. Video marketing is huge and you can get additional traffic from YouTube as well.

That’s double advantage to working with videos.

I often create videos and post them to facebook and to youtube.

These tips and tricks help me get dedicated leads to my business.

Most businesses or entrepreneurs tend to post videos that are either too promotional or just enterintiang they serve no value.

It’s ok to keep some videos purely entertaining but if you want leads, solve problems. Use these videos as lead magnets to instill trust and a sense of thankfulness among customers.

This drives brand awareness creating loyalty for you.

Think of the different problems surrounding your business and how you can create useful content that people are going to find value in.


Just don’t think about promoting your business. The goal is to remove yourself from the equation and provide lots of value.

Market with a quizz

Quizzes have recently emerged as a major marketing strategy online.

Compared to other lead generation strategies quizzes are way more successful. They are more appealing. People like them because they increase self awareness.

Quizzes like which James bond movie character are you fill our Facebook feeds routinely going viral.

They tap into the human ego

The quiz needs to be highly appealing to your target audience by being quite specific to their needs and desires.

That means the theme on which you build the quiz has to have some connection with your industry to generate quality relevant leads.

Create tutorials that show how to solve a problem from start to end

With tutorials you’re tapping into the human need to understand and learn things.

Document the process starting what you’re doing. Say how to launch a podcast or something similar like that. By talking about the entire process from start to finish in video or audio format by documenting all your failures and successes you’re priming yourselves for success.

They want something that really says something. As consumers truly respect brands that honestly bare it all, you’re looking to build transparency and authority.

Lead with a quizz and end with a question form built with a form builder like Paperform.

Start a tumblr blog

I started several tumblr blogs in 2018. What happened was as I posted images and videos traffic exploded. Tumblr is and remains a vastly underutilized platform you can use for marketing.

It produces tons of active engagement for you.

A tumblr blog can act as a supplemental blog that drives traffic to your main site and helps you reach many more leads.

Your posts don’t all have to be about selling. Just focus on engaging your audience in an engaging manner.

A Tumblr blog is essentially a terrific visual platform. Quality images are are the currency on Tumblr.

Use loyalty programs

Do you know the secret connecting Dropbox, Amazon and eBay? They all sport a highly successful affiliate program.

These companies all grew by word of mouth. They asked their users to onboard other people and get some benefit in exchange.

For Dropbox that meant additional storage.

And for Amazon users it meant getting a meaty chunk of affiliate product prices. Ask people to spread word about your business and offer incentives to let them do the heavy lifting. You will succeed.

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George is a freelance writer and blogger.