February 25, 2024


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Remember these essential Ingredients of Post Braces Hygiene Care

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Braces are an important part of the treatment given to your teeth if they are misaligned or uneven. This misalignment can cause a problem in the bite of the person. The perfect bite is considered when the upper teeth are slightly over the lower set. If this position is disturbed then issues in the bite occur.

Why care for Braces?

Apart from the problem of the bite; the misaligned teeth also look awkward and bad which can affect the beautiful smile. Traditionally, braces have been one of the only options for those looking to straighten their teeth and improve their smile, however, over the last few years the emergence of Clear Aligners in Australia and other parts of the world has led to a rethink of what teeth straightening looks like.

But when you are having braces done from an Orthodontist Tulsa then rest assures that you will definitely get great results. But you need to take care of your braces if you want to avoid the following problems.  

Decalcification of the Teeth

Taking care of your general oral hygiene is important. But when you are having treatment for braces then extra care raised to the power of two has to be in your routine. Don’t let plaque gather on your teeth as it can create spots and line that will never go.


Development of Periodontal disease

Periodontal diseases commonly known as gums diseases can develop in three stages. Plaque can make the gums swell, then this plaque can become hard and turn into tartar and finally, tartar attracts germs and bacteria that can weaken the roots of the teeth.

The weakening of the Teeth and Gums

If the base of a structure becomes weak then the whole complex can collapse. In the same way, if the roots of the teeth become fragile then it is clearly obvious that the teeth can become easily damaged. The bacteria attack the bone which connects the teeth and gums.

Essential Ingredients of Post Braces Hygiene Care

Once the braces are fixed; you have to be especially careful when taking care of the braces. The orthodontists use different kinds of braces to set the teeth in the right position. These include the typical metal braces, ceramic made braces, lingual braces and Invisalign. The following hygiene care must be taken for braces; no matter what the type is.


Perfect your Brushing Technique

The brushing technique is different than for normal teeth. It is very important for the person with braces to brush in the right way. The brushing movement must be in an up and down motion. Don’t be rigorous which can damage the braces. Take as much time needed but the cleaning should be proper.

How to Floss between Teeth?

Flossing is also essential for people with braces but only once a day. You can also use a floss thread but make it a habit to use a soft hand. N expert orthodontist who has taken well training and education from Gerety Orthodontic Seminar will tell you the right way to floss.

Buy the right Tools

The most important point to consider is to buy the right tools for hygienic care. The brush, floss, mouthwash and toothpaste must be made of the appropriate material and should be of the proper size. Your orthodontist will recommend the right cleaning tools that will suit your type.

Hygiene care many times a day

The normal times you have brush, floss and use mouthwash is twice a day. But when you are having braces you have to clean your teeth every time you eat something. You have to gently brush to remove food particles and they use mouthwash to completely eliminate any potential plaque threats.

Visit Orthodontist Tulsa

The braces treatment can take at least two to three years to complete and your orthodontist will give you instructions on how to take care of it in this time duration. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t ever go to the orthodontist. Regulate visits are necessary to see the progress or detect an issue.

Don’t eat Acidic Foods

Try to avoid foods that have citric acid as much as possible. You have to right away say no to sticky and hard sweets because they stick on the teeth. These can create a plaque that will ultimately form into tartar which damages the teeth and weaken the gums.

Have Fluoride in your daily use

Almost all oral products like toothpaste, floss, mouthwash and even water contain fluoride. It is the best agent that fights against especially those bacteria that are the main culprit of tooth decay. Use of fluoride during normal days is essential but during braces treatment it becomes inevitable.

Arrange for a Healthy Diet

Eating foods that are helpful in the development of teeth and gums must be arranged for in the daily diet. Drinking tea and milk is crucial; with eating green leaves, bananas and cranberries can develop healthy teeth.

Use the fork and knife for eating

Biting during the braces treatment can be dangerous for the teeth as a hard bite can damage the alignment of the teeth and braces alike. Using a fork and knife to eat will protect the teeth from harm.

Always Follow Orthodontist’s Instructions

Whatever instructions the Orthodontist Tulsa gives you must be always followed. This will ensure the right treatment and proper alignment of the teeth.