September 27, 2023


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Role of 3G, 4G in web development


3G and 4G both are the mobile broadband networks that occupy your mobiles to internet connections. ‘G” in each is abbreviation stands for ‘generation’. So 3G stands for the third generation and 4G stands for the fourth generation. So, there is a pretty simple difference between 3G and 4G. a larger number indicates the more advanced, newer and faster network. in this article we will discuss how Web Development Pakistan has been affected by 3G and 4G:

Improvement in Web performance:

As we know that 3G and 4G are faster internet connections. So, faster the web performances, the industry gets back more best practices. If anyone opens any open any website. It is late in opening just due to slow internet connection, but in the presence of 3G or 4G, these tasks will be performed quickly, everybody would start to rely on the internet, hence the ratio of website dealing will be increased in consequence.


Increase in productivity:

In the presence of strong network connections, there is much more productive for employees. As there is an increasing number of businesses adopting mobile working scenarios, there is much increase in connectivity. These 3G, 4G networks offer speedy receiving of social media networking or emails, fast sending of large files or business applications that need much faster connections.  

Increase of web Applications:

The development and increase in the number of presences of mobile and web applications mean an enhancement in business and connectivity. This is just because of fast internet connections like 3G and 4G. increase in speed, customers will start to rely on websites, hence the increment of a web application.

increased business and quick internet:

Increase in speed of the internet, about this benefits everyone knows better. This increase in internet speed will not only bring pleasures for internet users, but there is an increase in the number of businesses in the website sector also. Slow internet connections, will stop consumers to visit online shopping websites hence decrease in business. Faster the speed means more business and this is just because of these technologies.


Enhancement in Foreign direct investment:

As websites are Globally visited. So, when 3G and 4G are present in the sector, internet connections are rapidly responding and hence better services on the website can be developed. When websites are highly organized and effective, the foreigner will feel free to contact and invest in businesses on the websites. It means a foreign direct investment is just due to the web development of Pakistan in the presence of 3G and 4G networks.

Improved HealthCare:

With the help of fast Internet connectivity, data access is more approachable. hence, easier to spread knowledge among the public. Through fast internet speed, the healthcare system develops more campaign websites to deliver maximum knowledge about medical issues, their solutions and learning from medical professionals across the country.

Improvement in Digital Literacy:

3G and 4G existence provide fast and secure internet connections throughout the country. As the use of internet increases will enhance digital literacy technology. With Internet connectivity, it comes easy to access the data, as well as ease in educating the public through campaigns. The healthcare system can use the Internet to create websites for the public to use, for medical professionals to learn from, and to help collect data on the medical issues across the country.

Websites, who provide online free tutors and training classes to deliver knowledge of digital literacy are more visited through fast internet. Hence 3G and 4G facilitate to those people who live so far and who can’t approach the internet before and it means an increase in web development Pakistan has provided digital knowledge to every member of its country.

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