November 29, 2022


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What is the secret behind the increasing worth of bitcoin?

increasing worth of bitcoin

In the past years, the spot value of bitcoin has marched highly higher. The major forces driving skyrocketing expansion and growth of BTC incur many reasons. Whenever bitcoin surges in market value, people’s interest in this currency increases, and they start investing in it. 

Every year, various major digital currencies have come up and started to compete with Bitcoin. In addition, the typical reason behind the growing trend of different kinds of cryptocurrencies was that in recent times people’s attention towards this growing market has been so much on roll that it draws such an interest.

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Bitcoin recently halted a fundamental resistance level, which made investors believe that bitcoin will rise more in the upcoming years. In addition, Bitcoin is the best solution to inclining inflation of fiat currencies in different countries; this also contributes as a potential reason.


Previous Resistance!

There are many former resistance levels that bitcoin has broken through and surpassed. For example, Bitcoin was traded at $ 1,000, which was broken through as well for the first time in 2013 and since then traded above $ 7,000 every year until 2019, as it started to boom in 2019. 

In May 2014, when the bitcoins price increased to $ 595, it had exchange for about 800 US dollars in October. On November 5th of the same year, when bitcoin reaches $ 1,200 and broke through the resistance level in a day from trading between $ 600 – 700, it created a new record price that day to surpass the $ 2200 mark. Bitcoin halted numerous resistance in 2021, crossing the mark of $60000 market value some months ago.


Hedge against Inflation!

Bitcoin is a solution to the soaring inflation of fiat currency and serves as a hedge against inflation. If your country’s inflation is increasing, then bitcoin is a suitable investment for you. Bitcoin is decentralized and, therefore, not affected by the regulations of any country.

In 2015, Germany made it mandatory for its citizens to have bank accounts, which led to the opening of over one million new bank accounts in Germany alone in just one year. Such an initiative has increased the need for physical notes and coins. People in the country started using bitcoin to avoid paying extra charges for bank transfers and make their payments electronically.

Many people in Germany, unaware of the existence of bitcoin before its introduction as a requirement for bank account creation, have recently found bitcoin and turned towards it as a solution to soaring inflation. Thus there has been an increased interest among citizens in bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s evolution as a monetary system!

All other major cryptocurrencies like ether have shown an increase in their prices. It is because bitcoin is catching up with mainstream monetary systems and achieving value stability. Furthermore, various governments are planning to manage inflation by introducing a cryptocurrency of their own, which indicates that bitcoin might start gaining value against fiat currency.

Institutional Adoption and Investment!

There is a massive inflow of capital and investment entering bitcoin, which has led to the rise in the price. Goldman Sachs is planning to debut a bitcoin trading operation in the coming time. It has significantly increased the demand for bitcoin among investors.

As this currency moves away from its use as a means of exchange and continues to evolve as an asset, institutional investors are also likely to grow their positions in bitcoin due to its return characteristics.

Bitcoin Mining is turning into a business!

As the bitcoins price continues to rise, bitcoin mining is continuing to turn into a business. There are several stories of people who have made a fortune by mining just a single Bitcoin and selling it for tens of thousands in fiat currency.

Adoption by Governments!

With time, multiple countries have made it mandatory for people residing in their country to use cryptocurrencies instead of fiat currencies. If a government accepts bitcoin, then instantly, the demand for bitcoins increases and people start using it as a form of transaction medium.