March 24, 2023


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What Services Does a Production Studio Offer?

services production studio

This is a question that many entrepreneurs ask as they strive to create great video content, while sticking to a sensible budget. The digital age revolutionised filming and with the right gear, you can rent a studio and create professional footage to edit; if you are already thinking of doing just that, here are some of the services on offer at an established production studio.

Main services of a Production Studio

  • Set Hire – You might want to do a livestream and need a professional studio with the right décor, or you simply want a green background; in that case, you can search online for a production studio for rent with all the facilities that you require. If you have a specific set of requirements, talk to the production studio manager and see if a fee can be arranged; dry ice or smoke is always available and the staff are dedicated to making your project successful.
  • Filming and Sound Recording – Most customers would rather the studio team handle the filming and sound and they have the best equipment to ensure high quality. There are no second chances when you book a studio setting, which is why you should enlist the help of the studio professionals.
  • Prop Acquisition – Those with very specific set needs can take advantage of the studio’s contacts for furniture and filming props. They would also have contacts with actor agencies, in case you need performers. If you are planning to use Bitcoin, here is information about the various types of Bitcoin Wallet that are available.
  • Video Editing – A team of video editing experts are ready to create a professional film using the raw footage; they use Adobe Premiere Pro and can export to a wide range of formats. If you need guidance, the studio engineers are always pleased to share their expertise. The appropriate format depends on what platform you are exhibiting the material on.
  • Computer Graphics – If you are planning to use CG in your project, the production studio staff have you covered. If you would like to see a few examples of CG, the studio engineer has a lot of previous projects to give you some inspiration. They can take your concept and turn it into reality.
  • Audio Books – One of the fastest growing ways to consume books is listening while going about your day; if you have a good voice and would like to create an audio book, pay your local production studio a visit and get an idea of cost.If you are organised, you may finish writing the book in a few hours. Whether you self-edit or ask the production staff to do so, your audio book will be published quickly.

Last words

Whatever your next video project, search online for a leading Bangkok-based production studio and talk to them about your project and your needs. The Thai government welcomes foreign directors who wish to film on location and they are very helpful; indeed, many epic movies have been made in Thailand, where there are stunning locations.