June 4, 2024


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6 Outstanding Places to Visit in Rameshwaram for a Memorable South India Trip


         While it may not be the first place that comes to mind when we talk about the tourist places in Tamil Nadu, Rameshwaram is amazing to explore. Although primarily a pilgrimage spot, temples aren’t the only awesome places to visit in Rameshwaram. There are gorgeous beaches and vast open landscapes that will thrill nature lovers to the core. Standing smack in the middle of India and Sri Lanka, Rameshwaram is a fascinating place to explore. It definitely deserves a spot on the bucket lists of travelers across the world. Check out our list below of the best places to visit in Rameshwaram for a clearer idea of what to do and see on your trip.

Top Rameshwaram Tourist Places to Visit:

Rameshwaram is among the most fascinating places to visit in Tamil Nadu. You will risk missing out on too many awesome Rameshwaram attractions if you make a short, unplanned trip to the region on last minute flights. Thereby, plan a trip in detail and enjoy exploring as many best places to visit in Rameshwaram as you can. Go through the list of some top Rameshwaram tourist places below and decide where to begin.


1. Dhanushkodi Beach

Bordered by the spectacular Indian Ocean on one side and the gorgeous Bay of Bengal on the other, Dhanushkodi is among the most beautiful places to visit in Rameshwaram. Now deemed a ‘ghost town’ owing to dwindling population, Dhanushkodi was once teeming with people before being devastated by a massive storm sometime in the 1960s. Nevertheless, Dhanushkodi Beach is still as beautiful as it was prior to the storm.

2. Adam’s Bridge

Gracing the tourist map of Rameshwaram is this spectacular and one-of-a-kind world-famous bridge. Also called Ram Setu, this stunning historic bridge connects Rameshwaram to Sri Lanka. Made up of limestone shoals, Adam’s Bridge is among the greatest architectural marvels of our time. However, the debate of who constructed the bridge and why is still an ongoing one! Wouldn’t you like to see this epic attraction?

3. Five-Faced Hanuman Temple

Almost all Rameshwaram sightseeing packages will include a visit to this famous temple. The idol of Hindu deity Hanuman depicts five faces and has been carved out of a massive Senthooram stone. Reportedly, the temple of Hanuman houses some of the stones that were used to build the aforementioned Adam’s Bridge. According to Hindu mythology, Adam’s Bridge was built by Hanuman and his army to rescue Sita from Sri Lanka.


4. Agni Theertham

If your purpose of visiting this region is a spiritual one, then this is among the top places to visit in Rameshwaram for you. It is believed that bathing in the reportedly holy waters of this sea will rid people of their sins. Prayers and rituals for the dead are done at the shores of this beach. If you wish to bathe in the Rameshwaram Temple, you will need to take a dip here first.

5. Ariyaman Beach

Also referred to as Kushi Beach, this is among the most scenic Rameswaram tourist places to visit. Starkly clean, the gorgeous Ariyaman Beach is characterized by gentle waves hitting the shoreline. It’s the ideal place for a day outing for couples, friends, and families alike. You can enjoy a quick stroll or indulge in a bit of sunbathing. You can also grab your lunch and enjoy a picnic with loved ones at the beach.

6. Water Bird Sanctuary

For avid bird watchers, this is among the very best places to visit in Rameshwaram. The sanctuary is a haven for several stunning bird species. You will have an amazing time watching birds of different colors, shapes, and sizes. If you visit between October and January, you will be able to see scores of migratory birds in addition to the endemic bird species. 

Best Time to Visit Rameshwaram:

Since it has a tropical climate, Rameshwaram can be visited any time of the year. However, it’s best to avoid booking business class flights for a trip to Rameshwaram during the monsoon. That is because rainfall is sporadic and the weather quite humid. This can hamper sightseeing plans. Ideally, the best time to visit Rameshwaram is from October to April. These are the most enjoyable months and the perfect time to explore some super-fabulous places to visit in Rameshwaram.

How to Reach Rameshwaram:

It is quite easy to reach and explore the best places to visit in Rameshwaram. International travelers need to book cheap flights to Chennai[S1]  and then take a connecting one to Madurai Airport – the nearest one to Rameshwaram. You can also reach Madurai Airport from Mumbai, Bengaluru, Trichy, and other places. Also, there are regular buses and trains that connect Rameshwaram to various parts of India. Pick whichever route is most convenient to you and come to visit as many of these stunning Rameshwaram tourist places as you can!