February 25, 2024


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Social media marketing for growing your business


If you want to grow your business with social media, know that social tools are one way to get started. You might feel to dive straightway and start posting but pause for a second. Is that going to be even sustainable in the long term. For success to happen your social media strategy begs planning.

But before you start automate posting with tools you need to have a plan, know your audience and decide on objectives.

Get a plan

Sans a plan you wouldn’t even know what success looks like because you’ve no clear idea regarding your goal. There’s no way for you to measure your results either.

A social media plan is what you need to get started and that supports your business goals.

Here’s what you need for a plan of success

Decide on your objectives: When you start posting content on social media that should be with the goal of specific measurable and attainable goals. So, the first thing to do is base goals around real metrics that move the business needle.

Set measurable goals: Here are a few measurable goals to give you an idea. You can set a goal to improve your lead generation

efforts, or to improve the number of customers you get,  raise money for your crowdfunding campaigns, or get higher conversions. Goals can be simple as getting more number of likes on Facebook too.

Research the competition. In addition to this you should also research and find out what your competition is doing.

Because there’s always the possibility that they are doing something right. The goal? The goal isn’t to copy them, but to learn from them. To find some inspiration.

A good competitor analysis finds out what’s working for you and what’s working for your competitor businesses and you might find a common overlapping point.

So with competitor research insights you know where your efforts are currently lacking and fix them. As part of your audit look at all accounts competitors have on social media.

Create a social media calendar. Finally use a social media scheduler to send posts out on schedule on different social media channels. Use the content to inform, educate and entertain your audience.

A social media calendar should pack all of these things together.

Use the right platforms

It’s no longer enough to post on one or the other channel hoping that you will find success with it.

Instead use the right channels to post and share content. If you’re targeting different users the feeling might to be use one channel over the other based on your instinct. Don’t let instinct overrule data.

In some cases, data can prove to be the guiding light. Data shows that 84% of millennials are on Facebook. But that said Facebook reported the highest usage growth among the older generation in recent times.

Do some research by yourself. To understand how your audience spends time online. Which social networks they spend time with and so on.

There’s also the possibility of using several different social media channels to meet your business goals. Finally use a tool like ConvertKit to convert the traffic you’re getting into leads and subscribers.

Know your audience

You’re able to find so much success with social media because you can effectively target your audience. Social media is so effective because you can target your audience by their interest levels.

So, to effectively achieve this, start by understanding who and what your audience is first.

The biggest benefit with social media is this: your ability to get highly qualified leads by using advanced targeting.

By improving the quality of leads you get more success.

How to use social media to improve quality of leads. Put out gated content on social media. Gated content requires that the person enters his email address to get access to the content. This way you generate leads that are highly relevant.

Get data on current customers. Social media analytics and page interactions paint a big picture of your audience.

Discover new audiences

You might start by targeting one audience. But as you progress you might discover that your audience is also interested in other things that might help you find common overlapping spots. Ultimately, social media platforms give you a chance to post your bio, add a link and drive traffic to it. Use the chance you get to send traffic to a high-converting lead generation page. Also make sure that the page loads fast. Otherwise you lose conversions.

For example, if you’re an organic food brand you will target by things and keywords like organic, sustainability and agriculture. But also discover that your audience is interested in pets. So you will discover a new audience that way.

This can help you create ads and campaigns in creative ways. Like the benefits of giving pets clean organic food or the environment savings and so on.


Social media sports more than 2.4 billion users worldwide. That means social media should form a core part of your marketing strategy. You must begin and target in the right place. Social media is one of the best ways to reach this audience online.

George is a freelance writer and blogger who now blogs at Kamayobloggers.com