March 2, 2024


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Surprise Your Long Distance BFF on Her Birthday


She is your jaan and your everything. She is the one who makes you smile and is always on the receiving end of the call. Whether you want to share good news or bad news, she is the one you reach out to first. All in all, she is a super human and your forever friend. A friend that is always there for you and you are always there for her. Well, she is in a different city due to some work or other reason and it is her birthday soon. So, how to surprise her? How to make her the happiest? How to sweep her off her feet? Well, there are some unique and thoughtful ways that we have mentioned below.


Surprise Midnight Cake Delivery

Cake can do wonders and you know how much your bestie loves to have a cake. Place online cake order in Jaipur, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Noida, or in any other city across India and abroad where she resides. Get her favorite flavoured cake delivered at midnight at her doorstep along with your sweet birthday wishes.

Guitarist on Call

You need to express all your love and your sweet wishes on her birthday and nothing’s better than doing it in a melodious fashion. Book a guitarist that will take you and your BFF live on the video conference call and will perform live music that you want. The digital surprise will fill your bestie with joy and happiness.


Explosion Box

You are now living far away but you have spent a lot of time with her and have clicked a lot of photographs. It’s time for you to get these photographs printed and placed inside the explosion box. Let your bestie unbox all the happiness and have a great time reliving those moments that you placed inside the explosion box. It is the most in-trend and perfect gift for your bestie.

E-Greeting Card

You chat a lot with her on WhatsApp and Instagram but sometimes these platforms are not enough to express your love and gratitude. With the help of an e-greeting card, pen down all your feelings and send it straight to her inbox in a beautifully designed e-greeting card. This will definitely brighten up her special day.

Surprise Visit

All the gifts are amazing but a surprise visit is the most unexpected gift and your presence on her birthday is all she wants. Show up at her door with a bouquet of flowers and a delicious cake to mark the special celebrations. She will jump in joy and the surprise visit will mean a lot to her.

These were the ways through which you can surprise your BFF on her birthday. Don’t let the distance ruin celebrations for her. You can bring a graceful smile to her face with your amazing gestures. Also, make sure that you wish her a very happy birthday right when the clock strikes 12. So, go on and plan an amazing birthday surprise for your bestie.