October 3, 2023


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Testimonies of successful PG- medical in Germany.


German language:

Every physician’s testimony is different as their experiences while applying to the Universities are varied. Some of the Indian doctors have faced challenges while studying German language in Goethe Institute; according to them language learning is complicated and dragging. Hence, they recommend B2 levels to be learnt privately, where learning the language is short and rewarding reducing time consumption.

Competitive Exam:

May of the doctors migrate to Germany for higher studies as Indian post graduate studies require clearance of competitive exams, unlike Germany which has a non-competitive exam to be qualified for PG – medical training. Many of them evade writing competitive examinations like PLAB/USMLE as obtaining citizenship is quite complex in US and UK. However, in Germany the citizenship can be obtained with ease and less complexity. Germany faces shortage of doctors for almost all the specializations and the training quality is equivalent to that of US and UK. Time and money is affordable by many of the Indian doctor which makes Germany an ideal destination for medical study programs. It requires 8 months to obtain B2 in German language. Self –esteem and confidence plays a pivotal role in a doctor while communicating with the patients. In addition to learning German language it is important to attend workshops on manners and behaviour to interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. There will be training on medical simulations for effective communication between doctors and the patients. The doctor spends time in the hospital for30 days and studies medical journals and watches medical videos and performs various other tasks. Medical language patient communication test is imperative to obtaining temporary license in Germany which is made easy for the doctors by providing medical simulations. This further enhances the communication skills of a physician.


Life in Germany with the peers from multi cultural backgrounds:

Although, learning a new language would require some time, once a person gets acquainted with the language it becomes easy to interact with peers from multi cultural diversity. It becomes easier to adapt with German peers because of German language proficiency.

Qualities to become a doctor in Germany:

Determination, focus and patience are important virtues as the legal process takes time.

Specialist training format in Germany:

The physicians graduated from other countries work as assistant doctor with a salary for a period of 5-6 years, in their respective fields. The work experience is considered when one applies for residence permit. A salary of the doctors is 48000 to 50000 Euros per annum.

Information for PGMP Participants:

PGMP training program makes a physician competent enough to withstand the challenges encountered in medical field. It motivates their journey as a doctor to reach target by imbibing necessary skills with guidance. PGMP has 100% success rate subjected to its excellent track record. It helps the physicians with visa extension and conversion of visa into work permit.


Work permit application assistance:

For application of visa and conversion into a work permit, the doctors receive contract for work from training hospital and the guidance on the documents required, further fastening the process of visa conversion.

Visa Guidance:

The visa application procedure may be tedious with visa process hardening it further through their interviews. However, under the guidance and counselling by experienced counsellors can resolve the issue and the visa process is smoothened.

Despite preparations and valid documents, sometimes visa refusal is one of the most common factors that doctors face. During these moments, the expert guidance from the counsellors facilitating the migration, from any consultancy service Industry. The counsellors will provide appropriate information about the verbal and non-verbal cues during the time of visa interview. As there are numerous applicants, the visa procedure may take a long time. However, with guidance and support from an experienced counsellor will help resolve the issue.

The doctors need to focus on various aspects pertaining to their application for PG- medical in Germany. The support and guidance motivates and encourages them to learn German language and adapt to the communication skills while interacting with peers abroad. This paves a way of understanding of different cultures and becoming familiar with the peers. B2 level proficiency with proper understanding and knowledge of the medical specializations, it makes a doctor adept with simulations for enhancing communication and behavioural skills preventing any hassle for application process. The counselling services provide information about the time, effort and the money involved during the medical studies and the stay. This helps many medical professionals who are from middle class background. The citizenship is also relaxed as it is non-competitive exam to be written when compared to competitive examination by other countries. The citizenship in other countries is tough to obtain despite being competitive and hardworking. However, the visa conversion to citizenship in Germany occurs when a medical doctor works at the training hospital as an assistant doctor earning salary which accelerates their work experience and makes it easier for them in obtaining citizenship. Germany is known for sophisticated technology and updated knowledge of the medical specializations through research renders it a prominent place for higher studies facilitating the skills required for future survival. The hands-on experience with cutting edge technologies makes Germany an ideal destination for PG-medical studies simultaneously honing them with skills that are required to tackle challenges in a healthcare industry. The basic pre-requisites on behaviour and communication in German language is a quality which is important for establishment of rapport among the locals. Some of the study programs are taught in German, this also facilitates the learning process less complicated. English language is also essential for literature. The medical terminologies can be learnt in English and Germany to evade any sort of complications, while studying medical journals or watching medical videos for knowledge enhancement and increasing efficiency while handling patients. The medical simulation technique equips the doctor with efficacy of handling the problematic situation with proper understanding and implementation of knowledge. Germans face shortage of quality doctors, hence it is the right place for higher studies with a higher chance of residence permit.