May 24, 2024


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The Best Cream For All Age Groups


ketomac antifungal cream contains the antifungal agent which is synthetic in nature called ketoconazole which is 2% in amount. This helps to kill the yeasts and the fungi by entering into their cell membranes and killing them by destroying their walls. It works by impairing the essential elements of the cell walls of the yeasts and the fungi. This disturbance causes holes in the walls and this leads to destruction which will help to kill them easily. The cell membrane is the main thing for survival but once it is disturbed then they can be easily killed. They help the outside particles to enter into the cell and even prevent the contents of the cell to leak from the wall.


This cream helps to create hole which helps in leakage of the contents of the cell and this further helps to kill them. This will even help in clearing up the infection. This cream is an anti fungal cream that helps in preventing the fungal infection on the skin. It can be used to treat the fungal and yeast based infections on the skin. Also can be used to treat the ringworm and the athlete’s foot. This can even help to treat the flaking skin, greasy areas and even the red and scaly areas. The area where the cream is to be applied should be thoroughly cleaned and washed so that on infection can be caused. One must apply a thin layer of the cream on the skin so that it can be evenly applied. One must apply this on the affected areas and even on the area surrounding the wound so that it can be properly treated.


The quantity depends upon the suggestions and the prescriptions of the doctor. One should not wrap or even cover the wounded area so that any allergic reaction could take place. One must strictly follow the guidelines and the instructions given by the doctor. One should also wait for about 20-25 minutes after applying the cream on the wound before using any kinds of cosmetics or any kinds of other creams like the sun screen cream or anything else. One should take proper care that water should not be applied on the affected area for at least 3 hours after applying the cream. This can be used once or twice a day or depends upon the guidelines of the doctor. This should not be used for more than 4 weeks.

This can be used for 2 weeks in normal cases and can be even used for 4 weeks in case of clinical cleaning is required by the patient. It may have some side effects like irritation or redness on the skin may occur because of this. In case one is treating the feet then one must wear cotton socks and shoes with soft soles that will help in air circulation. One should also keep the feet dry. Ketomac cream uses are countless and this must be stored on a cool and a dry place and away from children.