June 7, 2024


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The Best Tools for Internet/Digital Marketing In 2020


About Internet Marketing/ Digital Marketing:

Over the period of last decade it has been observed that the trends of marketing have changed drastically. It can be seen that most of the world is now inclined towards the use of digital marketing or internet marketing rather than following the old and tested approaches of traditional marketing.

The fact that most business organizations now prefer the modern ways of marketing makes it clear that the internet marketing is provides and equal opportunity for businesses of all sizes to grow and expand and it can also be observed that the marketing costs of business organizations have reduced due to the following of the modern ways of marketing.

All the ads we see on social media platforms, websites and all the marketing done through emails comes under the umbrella of internet marketing. In simpler words the marketing that uses is the internet as a medium to approach its users can be called internet marketing. An example of internet marketing can be taken from companies and brands which create a Wikipedia page

to use the platform for creating awareness among their target audiences. And it has been observed that using Wikipedia as a tool various business organizations have successfully achieved their marketing goals and objectives as well.  

Trending Tools for Digital/Internet marketing in 2020:

The trends of marketing keep on changing every few years and the tools for this have also been changing too. The best trending tools for internet marketing in 2020 are as follows:


This is one of the most useful digital/internet marketing tools that lets its users to build its email subscribing lists that is normally used by bloggers and website developers. It comes with various email templates that can be opted by the users at will. This tool is very easy to use that helps its users to develop their own opt-in forms.



In today’s era where social media marketing is one of the main ways for various business organizations to reach out to their target audiences AgoraPulse is an amazing digital marketing tool that allows its users the management of all of their social media platform accounts. With AgoraPulse you can engage with your target audience by scheduling posts on your every major social media platform such Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Along with scheduling posts it also allows its users to monitor the activities on your social media accounts whenever the user wants to.

Google Keyword Planner: 

This is one of the best tools that can be used to search, find and use from an extensive range of keywords. This tool also allows its users to find out and research on the availability and performance of keywords in the process of search engine optimization. The best part about this amazing marketing tool is the fact that it can be used for free.


Feedly is an amazing marketing tool that allows people to not only read content from your favorite blog sites or news sites but it also allows to collect this content and save it and later on share it directly from your Feedly account. The user interface is highly easy to use and understand which makes it one of the most widely used marketing tools in the world these days.

Google Analytics:

Google analytics is less of a marketing tool and more of a heaven for a marketer who wants to know about their users. This tool is one of the most popular marketing tools that is being by marketers all over the world and allows to see and analyze information relating to you users such as the age of the users, area your users are coming from and the kind of posts that are most effective on your website or social media account or page. This information is very helpful for marketers to help them increase their sales, conversions rates and downloads etc.

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