June 5, 2024


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The District Role in Improving Students’ College Access and Success


During the recent downward spiral of economy on a global scale, college going access and success has become a topic of crucial importance and concern for an economic boost. There seems to be a fundamental change occurring where post-secondary education culture is concerned. Over the course of the past few years, states like Los Angeles have been working for the improvement of college access and success for students freshly graduated from high school.

Keeping the rapidly changing scenario of the educational sector in perspective which is occurring for countries worldwide, the responsibility of the district to ensure that all students become eligible for attending college at least for four years has become even greater than it ever was before. Students along with their families should be getting the awareness and support they need in order to realize proper educational goals.

In schools, all staff members should be equipped and capable enough to prepare the students for   the college years ahead. Readiness for college and a career must be seen as a venture that includes all parties involved in a student’s academic phase. The school community should realize that they also have a prominent and central role in helping a student enroll and succeed in college and its not just the job of the counselling department.


Instead of establishing themselves as a last stop where a student is destined to complete their academic experience, high schools should be launch pads for further development and lifelong gain of knowledge. Their mission should be more far reaching and expansive than only assisting a student to graduate. High schools should alter their strategies to develop the students’ intellect and skills for competing in college and also when they set out to build a career. The district needs to own the data of all schools and students instead of allowing an external force to characterize their over-all performance based on the collected information.

If the districts play it right, public schools will soon have to be accountable for creating a new set of post-secondary educational strategies as part of their curriculum. The new measure of school success will not be based upon getting more students to graduate nor upon the quantity or percentage of students who have applied to post-secondary.  A high school will not even be deemed successful by the number of graduated kids who have been accepted in colleges or by how much scholarship they have received.

Although, the above-mentioned factors are all exceptional indicators to measure and celebrate success of an educational institute. In the current circumstances though, high schools will be accountable for how many of their students get enrolled in colleges without the need of academic remediation. There are various reasons behind this shift within the educational world, which is demanding for college success being the main goal behind high school education.


The term college these days encompasses learning opportunities that succeed high school. College is more likely to be any educational experience after high school that holds it value in the real world. It is a term that covers anything from four years of studying after school, to two years of community college along with certificate programs and professional courses in between. College is not even specified by a physical campus or a particular building anymore. 66% of two to four years degree programs being offered by educational institutes are being delivered by distance learning.

According to research, when schools start emphasizing post-secondary preparation over merely graduation, the number of drop-outs is reduced and academic performance goes through considerable increase. It happens due to the fact that in a high school which promotes a college going mindset, students begin to comprehend the education they are currently partaking of having relevance in the future. It helps them to link their studies to their dreams, hopes and aspirations. Students who do not understand the relevance of high school studies are most likely to perform badly or drop out.

Every school administrator and instructor want to see their students shine and do whatever is needed to maximize the potential of their students. Focusing upon college success is one of the most significant ways to manage the idealism that is the driving force behind every educationist’s sense of vocation. A college graduate is more likely to earn more and lives a more fulfilling life in comparison to students who fail to have any educational training beyond high school. A better earning rate ensures that there is less stresses and the lifestyle that is being led by the person is easier and more satisfied.

Furthermore, when a college graduate has jobs that pay better then they have access to a higher standard of health care. They are more exposed to a greater range of learning influences and experiences in comparison to someone who hasn’t been a post-secondary student. Basically, having a college degree provides you with more choices in life.

Thus, it is important for the district to make sure that the children of the state are building a sound basis of morality and knowledge. It provides the future generation with the instruments through which they can create prosperity for themselves which in turn will benefit the society and then the state as a whole.

A part from the philosophic point of view, countries are facing economic erosion in various forms which can be fixed by the increase of students with a higher education degree. There is an urgent need to increase the educational capacity of a nation to produce citizens who graduated from college who are able to think critically, are creative and intellectual enough to bear the brunt of the everchanging economic industry. People with more knowledge can make up workforces that have the skills to design, invent, research, manage and market. We can hope to bring a massive change if we manage to develop individuals like that in the near future. For any assistance regarding assignments on education, economic or more subjects, you can reach out to assignment writing help for quality content.