March 1, 2024


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The most important services of an online marketing agency


An online marketing agency must always be up to date and adapt its services to current developments. For example, sales-oriented performance marketing is an integral part of modern search engine marketing (SEM) – just as high-quality content marketing must be an integral part of a sensible SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization (SEO) services

By and large, SEO or Search Engine Optimization maximizes the number of visitors to your website while also ensuring that you appear on top of the list of results provided by a search engine. To do this, the first step is to determine which search terms or keywords are important for a targetedpage. It is also worth taking a look at the so-called long-tail keywords, which consist of several terms, because they make up a total of 70 percent of online traffic.


An online marketing agency identifies the relevant keywords and optimizes the pages accordingly, which also includes website content. Ideally, each important keyword should have its own landing page, which is in turn supported by innovative technologies. For example, the Ducima Analytics offers a content mass for the faster and better creation of such specific Landing pages for conversions.

High Quality Content Marketing

Content strategy does not end with justpage texts. Concepts are also proposed for additional measures, such as blogs or guides, with which further traffic can be brought to the site and broader keywords can be covered. The content measures also focus on rich content contexts, which extends the user’stime spent on the pages and supports customer loyalty, through videos, interactive graphics, or podcasts.


Content specialists at Ducima Analytics reviews have set up a lifestyle blog, that showcases the impact that a high-quality editorial content can have in combination with other SEO.  Three months after the blog went live, the visibility of the page almost tripled, and the number of keywords listed in Google rose by around 50 percent.

Keyword Usability

However, pure optimization of the content cannot work if a page does not meet the technical requirements. These have become much stricter in recent years. Clean source codes, avoidance of 404 errors and clear navigations, otherwise categorized under usability or accessibility, are crucial. In short, a user has to find his way around the page and get to his destination quickly. Optimally, such areas are automatically checked using technology.

Loading time must be low

Special attention is also paid to the loading times: after a waiting time of three seconds, a large part of the site visitors jump off. All these technical points are identified by the experts of an online marketing agency and resolved in cooperation with the customer. Ducima Analytics informs itscustomers when loading times are too long and shows where optimization should be carried out. Finally, the off-page area is about spreading your own content on other pages and getting the target group excited about it. Exciting and informative content, for example, generates important links from forums and blogs or is shared by users on platforms such as Facebook, in online magazines or private blogs. Guest contributions or advertorials in the form of native advertising are gladly accepted by users and are forward-looking. The agency experts also develop concepts and individual solutions for this.