September 27, 2023


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The Ultimate Guide for pursuing Post Graduate Medical Training in Germany


Hello Doctors! 

Congratulations on for your MBBS

A career in medical is lucrative. But to make a great Medical career Specialization is everything. There are more than 40 specializations to choose after MBBS. A post-graduation course after your MBBS is often a difficult option to choose. Hence, it’s obvious that every medical student prefers to opt for specialization or post-graduation after their MBBS degree. 

Post-graduation can be done from India and from abroad. In India have to give rigorous entrance exams like NEET-PG etc to get admission in any of the Post graduate Medical courses in India. Moreover, the success rate is not so great. Sometimes, in spite of giving several attempts they could not get admission in any PG courses in India. Hence, as a better alternative, students often move ahead and take bold decision to pursue their Post Graduate Medical Training from abroad. 

However, doing medical Post graduation from abroad has more advantages over doing in India. You get access and exposure to advanced technologies, latest medical research and Global arena. You also get an opportunity to settle abroad in the same country as a practicing MD / MS or a Medical specialist. Many countries offer these specialized PG courses. Germany is the most preferred destination for Indian doctors to pursue medical post-graduation in Germany.

Doing a Post Graduate Medical Training in Germany is the best option to choose from other countries. But it’s a very complex process. The challenges in this process are.


Studying Post Graduate Medical Training in Germany is very easy if one has done your bachelor level degree in any German Medical university. It is very difficult to get direct admission for MD/MS or a Specialization course right after your MBBS degree done from India. The challenge is learning a foreign language and understanding the German education system. It is always advisable to opt for a top-rated medical centre for a complete roadmap for your Post Graduate Medical Training in Germany.

You need an expert consultant who can guide you and give you a roadmap to reach your objective. 

Let’s first understand the roadmap or the pathway to pursue your Post Graduate Medical Training in Germany. In this roadmap, you have to go through two stages in doing this.

Expert Guidance

We have experience and knowledge about German medical education and Post Graduate Medical Training in Germany. We provide professional guidance and preparatory course to apply for Post-Graduate Medical Specialty Training in Germany. We provide our service to qualified and aspiring medical doctor all over the world especially from Indian sub-continent and the Middle East. We provide In-depth career counseling session via In-person, Skype or on Phone.


We provide PGMP – Post Graduate Medical Training Program. This course is updated with the latest developments in the German Medical training system to provide the most relevant program to our clients. Every trainee gets placed in a completely functional hospital. The training makes you comfortable with every modern tool and technologies to solve every health challenge. The training gives you full exposure to advanced medical terminologies, techniques and technologies. The medical training will make you confident and competent in your medical career.

You become a highly in-demand Global Doctor – A true Medical Specialist.

Roadmap or Pathway

Stage 1: In India or your own Country

  1. Professional Counseling with the expert (Over Skype/ Phone or In-Person)
  2. Initial Screening Process is done service to ascertain your basic eligibility for the program. (This is a paid Service)
  3. If the screening is Positive ⇒  Proceed to Step 4. If the screening is Negative ⇒  All fees collected till date is refunded.
  4. Pay your First Installment in India
  5. Profile Assessment over Skype/ Phone/ Video Chat by the Course Director based in Germany
  6. If the screening is Positive ⇒  Proceed to Step 7. If the screening is Negative ⇒  All fees collected till date is refunded.
  7. Pay your First Installment in Germany
  8. Legal Undertaking and Course registration signed and delivered. Your enrolment is complete.
  9. German Language training. We can suggest different options and locations as per your convenience. *This training will be at your own cost.*
  10. Online Fast Track module of Post-Graduate Medical Program begins. The program begins with basic exercises and lessons on various aspects of preparation which is parallel to your German language training. 
  11. After attaining your German A2 level, Periodic Assessment sessions are scheduled by mentors based in Germany over Skype.
  12. After 90 Days or attaining B1 level, whichever is earlier, the second installment fee is payable both at (India & Germany)
  13. Lessons on Medical Terminology in German Language, Approbation subjects etc are introduced over Skype be an expert teacher (One-on-One)
  14. Periodic Assessment over Skype till you obtains B2 level. 
  15. After the B2 level, the final installment is paid. Block account is also opened by this time. 
  16. Application for Defizitbeschied is made and the same obtained. 
  17. Visa Application Stage. Multiple Mock Visa interview sessions are given and application set checked and verified.
  18. After Visa Interview, the online preparation until the time Visa is obtained. Accommodation in Germany is also confirmed at this stage. 

Stage 2: Germany

19. Arrival in Germany (Bonn, NRW) and C1 level training begins. You are allowed to volunteer in certain Healthcare organizations to brush up language skills at this stage.

20. Attendance in Public Medical Events, Continuous Medical Training sessions, Cultural integration modules etc.

21. After C1, Medical Terminology Module begins. Workshop, seminars and simulated doctor-patient sessions by German Specialists.

22. Internship in a Hospital. Usually lasts for 30 Days

23. Intensive mock Medical Terminology exam (FSP) sessions by German Specialists.

24. Preparation for Approbation. Workshops, Seminars and simulation sessions by German Specialists. Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Radiology / Radiation protection, Pharmacology & German Medical Law and intensive Mock exam sessions by German Specialists.

25. Job Placement training module, Application/ Interviews, work-permit and PG Medicine/Surgery Training (Assistenzarzt) begins in a Training Hospital.

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