April 21, 2024


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TikViral’s Tips To Promote Your PT Business On TikTok

Tips To Promote Business On TikTok

Social media unquestionably impacts a fitness business’s ability to connect with customers and grow its following. Most personal trainers do not even have a webpage and exclusively use social media for marketing and advertising. Even though it’s advised to have a webpage to drive visitors to, social networking is a terrific way to interact with your clients and give them a glimpse into your personality and professional ideals before they hire you. One of the latest venues for making videos is called TikTok. If your target market is on TikTok, you may want to think about sharing a part of the fitness content there because it’s a young and energetic market. But, you might ask, where can I buy likes on tiktok? To get the answer, try using the app and get it sorted. You can use the information in this article to decide if this platform is appropriate for the personal training service. Let us get started!

Why Should Personal Trainers Use TikTok?

800+ million active users globally are generating short films on TikTok, as per Oberlo. It is one of the social media networks with the quickest global growth. With more downloads than YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger combined, TikTok dominates the Apple app store.

Learn About The Platform

Before determining whether to spend any of your efforts on utilizing TikTok for your fitness brand, you might think about installing it and utilizing it yourself, as it is free software that works on Android and apple smartphones.Additionally, according to GlobalWebIndex, 41% of users are between the ages of 16 and 24. Let’s say the gym provides personal training to members of this demographic. If so, you may want to consider what kind of content are most common there so you can naturally fit into their lifestyle.

Make Entertaining Fitness Content

The video on TikTok is concise, shareable, and simple to absorb. Since they place a high value on professionally made movies, being at ease in front of the camera and skilled at video processing might be a significant advantage. TikTok is known for its humorous and entertaining material, but you need to consider whether this fits with the personal training and fitness business.


Your prospective customers will learn more about you if you keep the content straightforward and true to your style. Building sincere, long-lasting connections would always come first. Users of TikTok create, share, and watch content every day for around an hour. These numbers are higher than Snapchat’s and comparable to those of Instagram and Facebook. If you want to communicate with or promote young athletes under 25, this statistic is important!

Effectively Applying Fitness Hashtags

Launching a hashtag challenge is one way to promote your training company on TikTok. You can also use the assistance of TikViral to widely promote your PT brand or business.  Doing this urges users to produce original or recycled content and tag it with your company’s hashtag. This encourages user engagement and interaction within the application while promoting personal training services. In addition, you could use it to gain a sense of who is familiar with your company and perhaps retarget your content. 90% of people use the application at least once daily, and they are very active, with 55% of users posting their content and a sizable 68% of users viewing other people’s work.

Working Together With Others

TikTok Influencers aren’t quite as popular as on alternative platforms like Instagram. However, collaborating directly with someone well-known and liked by your target market might be a smart move for your business. For example, you might consider collaborating with other personal trainers, bodybuilders, dietitians, or even apparel or supplement brands.

But it’s crucial to ensure the candidate is a suitable match for your company. To provide you’re drawing the correct people, check whether the influencer’s demographic matches your own. Long-term customer loyalty from your clientele will depend on how well the personal training firm is staffed. Working with other people will help you know more about their strengths and help you improvise in some way possible. 

Final Thoughts

Social media trends are constantly evolving. The trend toward “pay-to-play” models on other platforms (like Instagram or Facebook is one drawback. Depending on the algorithms being utilized, your posts might not be viewed unless you’re willing to invest some cash in boosting them. Since TikTok is still relatively new, there remains room for organic development, and the audiences can still be reached with a strong marketing message. You could desire to profit from the rising trend. If you interact with folks under 30, that audience might be ideal for you. Your first thought, like with any social media site, might be if your target audience for personal training even uses TikTok.