April 16, 2024


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Tips To Discuss Video Content Distribution with Broadcasting Infrastructure Provider


Finding the right broadcasting partner is a big decision for a video streaming company. From video-on-demand and OTT to live streaming, every form of non-linear broadcasting relies on the presence of an established partner with technological and operational capabilities.

To discuss your video content distribution goals and broadcast cloud management, you should follow these tips.

Talk about their infrastructure

First and foremost, you need to understand the infrastructural capability of a potential partner. For your streaming solutions, discuss in detail the presence of TV broadcasting software and cloud management tools. The reliability of their IT infrastructure will ensure zero percent downtime when distributing video content.

You can talk about different configuration types as per your media platform functionality, concurrent viewers, speed to reaching the market, customization needs, video demand, and other factors. While Cloud is one of the most cost-effective options, On-Premise is also prominent. Plus, hybrid models are also utilized in the industry.


With cloud deployments, you can obtain auto-scalability and exceptional elasticity at a significantly lower cost.

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Understand the supported streaming models

You can begin a streaming channel with on-demand videos. Or, live stream sports events and other videos. Sometimes, media companies also decide to use a mix of OTT, VOD and live streaming altogether.

As per your streaming objectives, it is important to discuss the streaming models supported by a solution provider. You might not require a streaming model today, but having a comprehensive service provider opens a chance for future scalability. As the streaming industry is rapidly evolving, you need to think about your business in its future to choose streaming models.


Ask about content rights management abilities

Your original video content pieces in a huge library require protection against pirates. And this responsibility also comes down to the video distribution partner you choose for your business. The streaming partner should have upbeat security measures to protect your content from misuse and piracy. Proper technological resources have to be available to safeguard your video content against all kinds of copyright breaches.

Evaluate the data collection and monitoring

With globally spread online videos, you have to fulfill a diverse market as per their internet connections, devices, speed, and content format choices. The management of everything requires top-level monitoring and tracking of performance data. That way, you can operate your business better and gain more revenue with better monetization methods.

When choosing a partner for video content distribution, try to gain insights regarding their techniques and tools used for collecting streaming data and monitoring them. Experts should be aware of the latest tools commonly used in the industry to study the market performance.

Find out about the supported monetization models

Some of the renowned monetization models include SVOD or subscription model, TVOD or pay-per-view and AVOD or advertisement model. You should be able to choose a perfect monetization mix to maximize the revenues of your business.

With the mentioned factors included in a discussion, you will be able to better understand the suitability of a potential video distribution partner.