May 24, 2024


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Top 7 Best Travel Destinations in The World


The world is full of enchanting places; some offer adventure amidst scenic backdrops, some have right culture and history backing them and some offer magic of nature. We have compiled a list of 7 newly found touristy destinations; if you are planning your next holidays and need some inspiration for the place, this list will definitely get you started.

And as far as accomodation is concerned, you can book your stay at any luxury villas of your choice in that city.

Tel Aviv, Israel

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People know Israel for Jerusalem, which is a limited knowledge about the place. To see the modern side of the country, you need to visit Tel Aviv. This is a Mediterranean-facing cosmopolitan city and has quite youthful vibe to it. For your night life, you will a perfect combination of beaches, bars, and clubs in this place. If you are an art fan then you can also check out the art communities that are thriving in this city.

If you are looking for a hot-spot within the city, then you need to visit Neve Tzedek; this area has interlocked streets that feature some of the hep theatres and timeless museums.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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The overflowing beauty of Bora Bora Island, (a very small island with a stretch of just 6 miles) is enticing enough to attract thousands of tourists, from around the globe. If you want to completely relax and bliss out in the beauty of nature, then there cannot be a better place for it than Bora Bora Island (it would not be an exaggeration to say that this is the most beautiful island in the world!).  Some attraction points that are the centre to this place are, eye-catching volcanoes, deluxe resorts and welcoming locals.


You can explore main port of the place, that goes by the name Vaitape. This is a good location to snorkel. You can also hike up till Mount otemanu for a magnificent view.

Maui, Hawaii

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While you are here, you can stretch your longs all day long at the notable beach of Maui, try zip line adventure, Maui snorkeling tours and dance it out with Hula dancers of Hawaii.

You can also go on a day’s trip to Molokai, and explore the largest dormant volcano, Haleakala. There are also helicopter tours that will give you a bird’s eye view of the place, if you want one. Use The Latest Agoda promo code at checkout & get attractive saving on hotel bookings.  

If you are looking for a perfect Hawaiian holiday (a place that is neither over crowded nor deserted) then you need to check out Maui as it has a blend of experiences to offer to its visitors. Right from extensive wildlife to interesting history, you will find it all at Maui (the natural backdrop is a given!).


Banff, Canada

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This is a place for ski lovers and hikers, and people that love snow! Let us just say that if you are done with checking out snow in the Alps (the Swiss is all about this!), then your next destination should be Banff, located amidst Canadian Rockies. You can start with skiing at Mount Norquay, and end with biking along the Healy Creeks. Do not miss out on checking out the limestone pillars (locally known as Hoodoos). Once you have tired yourself out, you can crash for the night either in your cozy resort (there are a lot of beautiful resorts at this place), or at the campgrounds (there are a lot of options for these too!). If you like tasting exotic meat, then do relish a meal with Bison meant.

Cancun, Mexico

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There is something unique about this island; it is 7 shaped skinny Island. By holidays, if you mean golfing, laying on beach side and enjoying Island’s mesmerising night life, then this should be in your list of upcoming holidays. This place offers great option for parasailing and jet skiing. Once you are done with water sports, you can check out the group of local acrobatic dancers (you will find them at Coco Bongo at Cancun).

One important place that you cannot miss while you are at Cancun, is Chichén Itzá; this place belongs to the list of new Seven Wonders of the world. Apart from this, you can also go on day trips to blissful spots like Isla Contoy and Isla Mujeres.

Argentine Patagonia, South America

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If you ask me to describe this place in one word, then that word would be ‘enchanting’. Once you open your eyes at this place, all your eyes will catch are forest green trees, turquoise skies, lakes, and azure hue glaciers! (Hence the word enchanting). The very first destination within Argentine Patagonia should be to Lake District where you will find local’s dwellings, amidst snowy peaks.

You can also explore the east side of the place, and find whales alongside of marine wildlife sanctuary of Peninsula Valdés’. Towards the south, you can find melting glaciers; keep going down south and you will enter the vast horizon that is calling out to Antarctica’s misty edges. You need to visit this mesmerising place, because no words would justify the beauty of this place!

Barcelona, Spain

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When you want to enjoy perks of both the worlds (right in history and wildly modern), then you go to Barcelona. Right from the scenic trails of Park Güell to nightclubs of beachside, you will find it all at Barcelona. There is a plethora of architecture marvel present in this city; you can literally go on Church hopping! This is one place where you will find all kinds of travellers, right from solo backpackers & party-people to couple on their honeymoon & people in large groups. Some of the trails that you must not miss are, Las Ramblas (you will find a series of narrow streets, house to bustling nightclubs and packed restaurants) and Barri Gòtic (also known as romantic narrow alleys).