February 25, 2024


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Turnitin Alternatives That Can Help You Out

turnitin alternatives

Turnitin is the finest Plagiarism checker that helps to eliminate copied material from academic as well as professional pieces of writings. Plagiarism isn’t only an academic problem and it is not just about copying or borrowing someone else’s work. It is intellectual theft that comes in written form, repeating multimedia items and copying somebody’s spoken word without acknowledging the authentic sources.

When a content creator or a student copies anything from already published material without giving proper credits, it will be known as Plagiarism that can be identified and removed via Turnitin and some other plagiarism checker tools to increase the work’s credibility and avoid copyright violations.

Best Turnitin Alternatives

Some efficient AI-based plagiarism checker tools that can serve as an alternative to Turnitin are as follows:

1. Searchenginereports.net

This plagiarism checker is the best option for students, teachers, and content creators. This plagiarism tool checks the matched phrases online to deliver instant and accurate results. This tool performs a deep plagiarism online search by analyzing every word in the content and comparing it against billions of web pages on the Internet. After completing the plagiarism check process, this free plagiarism checker tool displays the plagiarized and unique text in a few seconds. It respects the security and privacy of its users and deletes all the data from its database. This plagiarism detector supports various file formats such as doc, Docx, pdf, txt, etc. It also supports other languages such as Deutsche, French, Indonesian, Turkish, Norwegian, Arabic, and many more.

2. SmallSEOTools

This online plagiarism checker tool is one of the best options and helps its users to check the individuality of content in documents, works of fiction, or academic projects. It is famous as one of the best online options to check plagiarism plus grammar as a competent writing coach to detect and remove grammatical errors, style issues, and different mistakes that content creators are likely to make. This plagiarism checker tool offers a lifetime deal and saves its users from paying a frequent amount like other tools. In addition, it can check for plagiarism directly in word press with the Plugin!

3. Grammarly

Grammarly serves as an automatic proofreader as well as a plagiarism checker. Its massive database contains almost 16 billion web pages to instantly scan every document and find duplicate content quickly. This online tool is one of the most preferred options to check accidental plagiarism and is suitable for every kind of Academic, Corporate, and Medical documents and many more. It has the potential to check for over 400+ types of grammatical mistakes, contextual spelling inaccuracies, and improper sentence structure. It offers its services without any cost as a browser extension and an offline MS Word add-in.  It sends Emails about weekly performance which is supportive to boost English.

4. DupliChecker

This plagiarism tool will dive into the ocean of billions of web pages to catch the exact matches against every piece of creative writing. It cares about content privacy and removes all the data immediately from its database after the plagiarism scan. This plagiarism checker also rewrites the duplicate content to make it unique and check grammar and spelling errors as well. It offers the option to paste the content or upload a document directly from a device or cloud storage. This tool is supportive for different formats such as text, .doc, .docx, .odt, pdf, and .rtf to check and remove plagiarism. Furthermore, it also supports multiple languages and shows replica and unique sentence ratios in percentage.

5. PlagiarismChecker.co

This plagiarism checker is a suitable option for students, educators, authors, and publishing supervisors. There is no need to install any kind of extra programs to use this checker, as it operates online. This plagiarism tool allows the scanning of text in different formats within four seconds. It delivers the report after analyzing 16 billion pages and documents to detect even a small fraction of plagiarism. In the end, it also delivers a plagiarism report after each scan. The final report contains a percentage of matching and original sentences. In addition, it highlights copied elements and hyperlinks to sources.

6. Copyscape

This plagiarism checker offers free as well as premium user accounts. Its free account allows running five scans for plagiarism via the URL of the document.  However, its premium account offers 5 cents to scan a single file, irrespective of the file’s size. In addition, there is an option known as Copysentry, which can protect a particular website from copycats. This online tool helps to create a new database and then check files against it to detect and remove the possibility of self-plagiarism.  Moreover, it also notifies and warns cheaters against plagiarizing. It offers a free trial and scans 2,000 words smoothly.

7. PlagScan

This tool is correspondingly helpful for education and business purposes. It allows you to upload Microsoft Word and pdf files. There is an option to copy and paste and scan it to check plagiarism. This tool requires a sign-up from its users and once the plagiarism is checked, it will deliver a similarity report with the percentage of plagiarized and unique text. It also offers a free trial before making a payment. Besides, it automatically corrects all the grammatical and spelling errors as well. there is an option to rewrite matched phrases and provide results within a few seconds. It supports different languages and file formats. Just access the tool, upload relevant files, and sit back for a few seconds to have results.