June 9, 2023


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What is the Major Difference to Study in UAE and UK?


Both the UK and UAE are quite different countries in many respects. Geographically, they are poles apart. They have apparent social and cultural differences. They have different political structures. These differences are manifest in many of the activities of citizens of both countries, including the sphere of education as well. Essay writing service in UAE has brought for you a detailed article to understand the difference between these two destinations. What are some of the major difference to study in the UK and UAE, we discuss them below.

  • Even now there are some top-class educational institutions in the UAE, nevertheless, more than half of the world’s top 500 universities are located either in Europe or America. So, people’s ultimate choice is to study abroad. The very presence of the world’s top-class universities in the UK attracts foreign students.·
  • The factor of culture plays an import ant role. In UK educational institutions, there is a lot of cultural freedom. Students have a lot of choices and rights. But since UAE is an Islamic country and a conservative one, so there the students have to follow strict rules and regulations concerning cultural norms.  
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  • Like most of the third world countries where the focus on scientific research is minimal, the same is the case with the UAE. It is evident from the fact that no Islamic country could produce worthwhile discovery in any field in the past many decades, nor they could produce Nobel laureates in the field of science except a few. While in the UK entire focus is on research and new discoveries. They have produced innovations in science and technology and have given to the world the most acclaimed scientists and educationists.

Other Major Differences are:

The difference in Institutional Legacy

Education in the UK is a history covering centuries of immense discoveries, development, political reforms, institutional development, and state-sponsored campaign. Several hundreds of years of past centuries in the UK witnessed a great emphasis on the education of people living there. The era of Queen Victoria is regarded as the best time that promoted the education of Englishmen with a priority. The chronological records of Education in the UK say that education that we witness in today’s UK is a result of consistent progress in its social, cultural, and economical progress. This is the reason that education in the UK has a strong institutional legacy that attracts students from across the world.


On the other hand, education in the UAE has not any institutional legacy at all to discuss. The first and foremost point is that UAE gained global recognition, not because of its education but its economical potential that sets it in competition against cities like London and New York. Besides, the general perception about UAE is that it is the land of natural reserves like crude oil that have revolutionized the lives of the people living there. It has nothing to with the level of education UAE is providing to its people.

The difference of Contribution in Global Research and Development

It is a well-known fact that the world’s top 200 universities are located in the U.S and the UK alone. And most of the other 200 after these U.S and UK universities are located in rest of the Europe. So, it is not something that would have been achieved in several years of decades. It is mainly because of the fact that the majority of the world’s top scientists and researchers in the last 500 hundred years are produced by the UK. This is the reason that the UK is said to be the center of global research and development. UK’s education has a great say in this coveted development.

The case of the UAE is very weak when it comes to discussing research and development. And so is the level of education there. Hardly any institutional in UAE comes in the list of top institutes of research and development. And this is the best measure to gauge the level of education one country in providing to its people.  

So, studying in the UK is more attractive because of its progress in research and development. On the other hand, UAE lacks any such stats in its educational record. Though this Arab country is considered a developed Arab land, it has nothing to do with its level of education. Most of the Arab dwellers send their children to the UK and the U.S. for higher education.