May 25, 2024


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What revolution to expect in this era for Smartphones


No one in the early years of the twenty -first century thought that mobile phones would get hybrids and could perform more activities than just dialing a phone call. This particular specimen of mobile phone devices in front of us in today’s era looked like just the kind of multi tasking robotics. The phones we had seen in the early two thousands which were really a simple kind. The phones of this era on the other hand come with large touchscreen displays, neo technology software’s, monumental cameras, quality features, fine processors and chipsets. And all those advanced specs of phones leaves us in a thought of what possibly revolution we can expect in this era for smartphones. 


Control with gestures and signs 

At the first time when mobiles were launched they weren’t that stylish as they are now. As the earliest mobile phones came with the keypad at its next revolution this feature was replaced with a touchpad. And after the practice of a few decades this option further developed into voice control where robotics like Siri and Alexa control our activities. Moreover, this system further developed into gestures and postures in this era most of the mobile phones come up with this feature like the new series of The Mate 20 Pro has gesture control in itself. As technology has brought forth revolutionary change this concept costs a fortune. As generally, prices are always influenced by production, demand and neo technology. For a better idea check the Honor Mobile Phone Prices in your web directory. 


Mind control

Another revolution which we expect from the mobile industry in this era is that these features will be further enhanced into mind control. Where we will be operating our devices with just the help of mind. Most of the companies are already working on this feature. It is likely that they will be soon launching in this very era. 

Quality camera

All the new flagships which have been launched recently possess an extra level of clarity in their phones. As last time TECNO launched its first ever Pop-up Selfie camera in this year. It was the new future in the history of the smartphone camera revolution. Moreover the iPhone comes up with another new future which is the ”astrophotography” mode. There are other flagships in the market which are launched recently like Samsung, Oppo, TECNO they are all known the best for their cameras. You can compare the Tecno Mobile Prices with other devices in the website of Whatmobile to create a better sense of idea. The future revolution which is expected for smartphone cameras is that they are soon going to be developed into computational photography ideas. This idea of technology uses digital computation instead of optical processes, also internet.

A holographic display 

We usually see in sci-fi movies that there’s a virtual display which makes use of light diffraction to create a three-dimensional effect. Rumors were up in the air that companies like the iPhone have been working on this feature since 2009 to introduce this feature in their next mobiles. A holographic display in mobiles would be a great revolutionary tool for us. These types of mobiles are likely to be out in the market very soon.