May 24, 2024


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What to expect as a Finance major?


If you are planning to pursue your master’s after completing your graduation, then you have a range of courses from which you can have your subject choice based on interests and skill set. Getting a master’s degree in finance has all the benefits like all other business-oriented topics that go with the apt importance for the subject.

When going for a career in the finance sector there are certain credentials in terms of the degree you will carry. Even if you hold a graduation degree in business management, you can opt for a major in finance. One always has the option for a double major. With subjects like costing, accounting, and finance, the more the better. And getting a degree comes will all the key skills it is required from you. This comes with the institute you’ll be a part of in your master’s program.

One such top management institutes in India that will offer you the entire package for the degree, the education, placement, and preparation for your career ahead is The Fazlani Academy of Business Sciences. Located in Mumbai, it offers courses in subjects including PGPEM in Sales & Marketing Management, Applied Human Resource Management, Investment Banking & Securities Operations or Operations Management. In this, you’ll become accustomed to the concepts of capital markets, budgeting, investments, financial analysis, financial strategy, and planning.


When getting a degree from such leading institutes of the country, the expectation when you hold a position of responsibility in the industry increases as well. The curriculum and corporate contact program prepares the degree holder with not only the practical knowledge of the industry of business administration but also with the skills specialized for the field. The leadership potential and the ability to deal with real-time issues and resolve them come with the exposure in practical knowledge and various workshops, pieces of training and simulation activities. The theoretical, as well as realistic market know-how, will prepare you to bring the industry insight into practical experience.

There are opportunities galore when you hold a degree in management. With finance as your major, you have extensive career options in corporate finance, investment banking, accounting as well as risk management. Your interest will have a major role in what is expected from you in your field. For example, if you are interested in financial markets, and the creation or preservation of wealth, then investment management may be your go-to option. If allocating financial resources

in your area of expertise, then your field to decide on could be corporate finance.

The enjoyment of working in the industry will come with you interest in the subjects, be it accounting, economics or finance. The business administrator will know how to handle real-time problems in investment or finance management. The business-related issues will be solved eventually with your stronghold in the core concepts and the wide-ranges training and exposure received.

Working as a finance major, there ought to be a strong communication skill running along. What is expected is, you will be handling money issues day in and day out and when the client is on your head-top asking for detailed explanations and solutions, a crisp and clear communication tactic will enunciate the business solution that will follow. Another skill that has an equal hand with communication is problem-solving. When critically evaluating a solution to the financial conundrum around, these skills will present solutions that are expected from the job position you hold.

The numbers-lover in you will always be up and about with the subject of finance. A quick, clear and decisive understanding is required from a person who will be positioned to handle a company’s business. There a time value for the currency that is held which requires clear understanding. Other concepts to be comprehensible in are assets value, credits policy, bond value. A clear concept of stocks, the stock market, financial statements, and returns on investment as well as net values are expected.

The financial decision-maker in the organization be it a small scale enterprise or a multinational corporate, ought to possess skills to make major decisions on how the financial decisions in business affect the operations. And because of which it is required to manage the scenario efficiently.

After carefully analyzing the business books and materials, and working on various information on numbers and principles of operation, the representatives of greater hierarchical positions in the company expect decisions from you. In such cases, decision-making skills is a major expectation from the position you represent in the company.

All companies for profit expect their finance person to be able to make sound decisions on every business matter. And not only for the company but with the knowledge you possess in finance and investments, you can make certain smart personal investments.