May 19, 2024


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What is the whole process of using a bitcoin ATM?

Whole process bitcoin atm

Today, digital tokens like bitcoin have gained a lot of popularity among people, making them an essential medium of investment. Everyone who is an investor and trader wants to purchase bitcoin. Moreover, sometimes, people purchase bitcoin not to make a trade but for daily purchases. It is because they are very familiar with the concept that bitcoin is created to make daily transactions.

The people who think that bitcoin is only capable of earning them profit must redefine their thinking about it. Today, new technology is revolutionising the whole world, which is the bitcoin ATM. These ATMs are just like traditional ATMs, and you can make purchases over them quickly. If you want to withdraw cash and liquid for your cryptocurrencies, these ATMs are helpful.

When these bitcoin ATMs were installed in different nations, they were not very familiar and perfect for use. The technology used in these bitcoin ATMs was not very good; therefore, people were not very happy with the concept. However, over time, when people started to use bitcoin wallets, they also started to get familiar with the cryptocurrency ATMs.


These ATMs are now available in almost every nation where cryptocurrencies are supported. Moreover, countries like El Salvador are revolutionising what everyone thinks they have with these ATMs. These are embedded with modern technology and, therefore, can revolutionise the world to the next level. If you also have a bitcoin wallet, perhaps you would like to try it, but for that, you should know the whole process. It is something we are going to define to you today. So before you start trading bitcoins, here are the Different Ways To Trade On Bitcoins.

Give your phone number.

Everyone wants to use this new technology of bitcoin ATMs, so a complete set of procedures must be followed. The first step you must go through to withdraw money from the bitcoin ATM is to give your details. The first detail you are required to enter is your phone number. It is because the cryptocurrency wallet or the cryptocurrency account you created over the Internet is done with the help of your phone number only. Therefore, it is going to be your identity, and you have to give it for confirmation.


Complete the verification process

Once you have entered the mobile number, the bitcoin ATM will ask you to go through the verification process. It is the process where you are, an OTP will be sent to your mobile phone, and if the wallet is advanced, the ATM must also ask for a fingerprint scan. These are the two-factor authentication that makes the bitcoin ATM safe and secure. Moreover, it increases the high-end security of your cryptocurrencies, providing you with the safest mechanism for making withdrawals.

Scan the QR code

You have to scan your QR code with the help of your cryptocurrency wallet. In most wallets that support the bitcoin ATM feature, you will find the camera feature where you can store the QR code. Here, you will have to open the camera of your bitcoin wallet and then scan the QR code displayed to you in the bitcoin ATM. It is a crucial step; therefore, you must pay complete attention while going through it. Make sure to scan it properly to withdraw the money you want.

Enter your Fiat money

Indeed, everyone is not going to withdraw only dollars, but you have to withdraw different kinds of money. For example, if you are from India, you will withdraw Indian rupees, but if you are from the USA, you will be withdrawing the United States dollar. So, you will also have to define the currency you want to withdraw from the bitcoin wallet to complete the transaction. Here, you will have to enter your currency correctly because once you withdraw the money, you cannot enter it back into the machine.

Confirm the amount

Confirmation is also one of the crucial steps you must follow to complete the transaction. Once you have entered the amount you want to withdraw, the machine will also ask you for further confirmation. Here, you will declare that it is you who is withdrawing the money and, if once the withdrawal is made, the machine will not be responsible for any errors. So, you have to give the confirmation, and your whole process is completed here.


After this process, your money from the bitcoin ATM will be withdrawn. The process is straightforward, sophisticated, and connected with traditional ATMs. Therefore, it is straightforward to go through for everyone.