May 24, 2024


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Why an Edible Ink Printer is a Great Investment for Your Bakery Business


A business demands investment. It has to be done thoughtfully considering the return on investment along with pros and cons. Right? Buying an edible printer is a similar investment idea for your bakery business. It can make a difference to your business outcomes. Here is how.

Delight customers

Customers are the reason behind the existence of your bakery business and hence, it’s important to think from their angle. Customers love personalization. By decorating cakes, cookies and cupcakes with their favorite designs you can win their heart and make them a returning customer too. Decorate the food items by occasion (birthday, anniversary, festival, etc.), season, interest, age or gender of buyers. Take print outs of themed-specific images.  Or take the preference of buyers, if it’s a pre-ordered delivery.

Save time

Manual cake decoration takes a lot of time. If you are running a business, you need to save time by increasing your efficiency. An edible printer can be a good companion. With edible images printed on frosting sheets, or pre-cut shapes, you can decorate the food item in less time.


 There is one more superior idea. With printers like Icinginks™ Professional Bakery Food Image Printer Cookie Master-501, you can print directly on food/cake. It comes with ample space and a movable tray that takes the food in for printing, and ejects when it’s done. Ask for a demonstration on the working of a new purchase.

Cut complexity

With a bid to deliver a great customer experience, you need to adopt complex food decoration ideas or designs. Running an outlet in a crowded market place with lots of competitors around besides the online cake vendors, it’s important to do present showstopping collection of delicious cakes, tortes and traybakes to wow the crowd. Edible printers can solve those challenging puzzles by helping you get complex pattern or design work done easily.


Reduce cost

Every penny earned is a penny saved. With an edible printer at your confectionary store, you do not need to spend money on outsourcing expensive decoration materials for your delicious bakery items. Take a look at the resolution efficiency of the machine as well as the cartridges present inside. Switch to re-fillable cartridges (3 to 4 times at least) to save more. The quality of edible ink also impacts the print cost. Sometimes, manufacturers also provide the estimated cost to print an edible sheet with a standard image resolution. It helps you compare edible printers and make the right investment. Reduced decoration cost also helps you to lower the cost of your offerings and compete effectively by offering the best value to your customers.

Embrace new ideas

You can draw in amazing ideas from the Internet, or other sources to make your bakery products look awesome. Download the image, and get it into your pen drive or USB and transfer it to your printer and then to the edible sheet. Check for the availability of USB port while buying a food printer. Most of the modern printers have built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. So, if you come across some great design or artworks, and want to get it printed, you can do without any hassle from your Android or iOS phone or tablet.

All these benefits, undeniably, will help you compete effectively in the bakery marketplace. Indeed, an edible printer is a great USP (Unique Selling Point) for your business. However, remember, machine can only complement the human creativity and capability. There is no substitute for the latter in the world. The more you experiment with new food design things and more you hone your food decoration ideas, the more you are likely to reap the dividends of your edible printer investment. Happy baking!!