June 5, 2024


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Why do I enjoy the feeling of sneezing


            A day without sneezing is like a day without refreshment. No doubt, sneezing is full of enjoyment for free of cost which we can enjoy every day. Besides providing good feelings, sneezing also plays an important role in the human body system.

Below we have discussed the number of reasons that why do we enjoy the feeling of a sneeze.

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Why do I enjoy the feeling of a sneeze?

Sneezing usually occurs when any foreign particle enters in our nose. Those particles could be dust, allergic items, or odors which are not good to enter in the nose. Thus, by this simple logic we sneeze every day.

The following information briefly explains why we enjoy sneeze every time when it occurs.

Sneezing releases endorphins:

Sneezing causes the release of endorphins which are the hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system and having a number of physiological functions. In simple words, these hormones are responsible for triggering the brain’s pleasure center, hence providing a great feeling of pleasure.

Since these hormones come in a quick time, therefore the pleasure will remain in your body for a short moment.


Flushes the nose:

Sneezing helps us to flush away the unwanted particles from the nose. It all happens by the enormous pressure released by the sneeze. The pressure is quite high that it abandons a lot of the dirt particles within the seconds.

More importantly, mucus, which is sticky stuff inside the nose, can easily be flushed out through the sneeze. If we leave the mucus un-cleaned and let it dry, it would then become a tough and painful job for us to remove it manually.

Hence, after removing most of the particles from the nose, the sneeze makes the person feel relaxed and free of dirt particles trapped in the nose.

Removes things you don’t like:

We smell dozens of odors in a single day. However, there are certain odors and allergies which you can’t bear for a moment. Such can be the smell of pepper, deodorants, dust, etc.

Thankfully, sneezing works as an automatic protective system that disallows all of the smells that we don’t want to breathe in. It simply works with the help of sensory nerves in the nose which signals the brain whenever any allergic odors trapped in the nose. Thus, the nervous system commands the body to cause one or more sneezes until and unless we haven’t got rid of the things which we don’t like.


In this way, sneezing gives us a better feeling after exiting the things from the nose which we don’t like.

Reliefs the muscles:

Apart from providing pleasure to the nervous system, sneezing also plays an important role in relieving muscle tension.

Let us explain how:

When you sneeze, the lungs first store a bulk of air inside them, after a short while when the body throws out the inhaled air with the enormous pressure, this makes the chest muscles to release the pain. This causes a great relief to the tensed muscles and provides better functionality in the chest.

In simple words, the contractions and expansion of the chest muscles through the sneeze act as an affective chest exercise which with a huge pressure makes the muscles release pain and provide a great feeling of relaxation.

Lightens the body:

Sneezing works as a stress releasing tool for the body. That is, it provides a feeling of lightness by reducing the psychological burden. This all happens by the powerful pressure released by the sneeze. Moreover, that enormous pressure is so effective that it releases out the burden from the body. Thus, sneezing also lightens the entire body and makes us feel better.

Treats the headache:

People with poor physical activities are often suffered from the typical headaches caused by a lack of blood flow in the brain.

The sneezing mechanism of our body is also occurred by a blood rush to the brain. That is, the more there is blood and oxygen in the brain the more we’ll feel better.

The sneezing helps here by shaking the brain nerves, letting the blood flow more effectively through the pressure. Thus, in this way, sneezing can reward us relief from headaches and better feelings in the brain.

Note: Unlike the typical headaches, severe headaches caused by migraines cannot be relieved through the sneeze.

Makes us active:

Sneezing also acts as an alarm for our tired body. That is, a powerful sneeze may help us to get back into the refreshed and active state. This all happens because of the enormous pressure of the sneeze which is released so strongly that it shakes the body from head to toe. The pressure is affective enough to awake our tired body parts like the brain, lungs, and nose.

So, whenever we sneeze, our body gets entirely active which helps us to avoid the tiredness and remain focused on the work.


Thus, sneezing is beneficial for us in a couple of ways. The best thing is that it doesn’t only provide benefits, but also rewards us a great feeling of goodness. Therefore, we hope now you are all cleared about why you enjoy the feeling of sneezing and why you should never skip each of the sneezes every day.