February 29, 2024


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Wireless Chargers vs. Wired Chargers

close-up phone charging on wireless charger device


How do you charge your smartphone? Do you use a wired charger or prefer wireless ones? No matter which one you use, it might have sometime occurred to you which option is better. To answer this question, we shall indulge in the long-debated discussion of wired chargers vs. wireless chargers. We will have a look at each of the prominent factor related to phone charging and conclude which charger is better at it.

1. Charging speed

Charging speed of the charger is an important factor that needs to be considered. Wired chargers especially fast chargers have the edge over the wireless ones in the speed department. Wired chargers have 30%-80% more charging speed as compared to the wireless chargers. So, if you are conscious of charging speed, then it is recommended to choose a wired charger. This is because wireless chargers have a greater loss of energy while the inductive charging. So, the charging pace slows down significantly.

  • Winner: Wired Chargers

2. Convenience of use

Using a wireless charger is as simple as just dropping the phone on the charging pad. You don’t have to indulge in the struggle of descrambling wires in the dark. Also, it reduces the clutter when charging. For this reason, wireless chargers are in more use in public areas like hotels, restaurants, and offices. It is better than looking for a wall socket somewhere in corner. So, wireless chargers take the lead in this aspect.

  • Winner: Wireless Chargers

3. Portability

Although some wireless chargers are compact enough to fit your backpack but still it asks for more than simply folding the cord and tucking it in the pocket like wired chargers. Moreover, wired chargers allow you to use the phone while it is being charged. So, wired chargers excel in the mobility department.

  • Winner: Wired Chargers

4. Compatibility

Generally, smartphones charge well when used with their original chargers. Using an unknown charger not only adversely affects the charging performance but could also damage the device. Wireless chargers solve this problem with universal compatibility. A certain wireless charger will work with any phone with enabled Qi technology.

However, we need to also keep in mind that not all smartphones models have wireless charging capability. Some lower-end models may charge efficiently with any charging cord. So, they don’t have much to benefit from wireless chargers. Therefore, you need to weigh each option when looking for a charger for your phone.

  • Winner: Wireless Chargers

5. Build and Design

We don’t need to argue on user-friendly and attractive design of wireless chargers. Wired chargers don’t match up to them in any way. For the same reason, wireless chargers are set up on the desks, tables, or placed along lamps in offices. They have a fresher and at the same time more sophisticated appearance. Also, ireless chargers are now being incorporated into furniture that will allow more décor for you.

  • Winner: Wireless Chargers


By now you might have realized that each charger comes with its own set of pros and cons. So, in the end, it’s all up to your preference and style. Regardless of what method you choose, do at least try using wireless chargers. They are getting better day by day and few cons that they have will be worked upon in future. Not to forget, they are a more ‘cooler’ way of charging your phone. Do give them a try.