May 25, 2024


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Yacht Charter: The Ultimate Way to Experience Southeast Asia

Yacht Charter

Of the many regions of the world, Southeast Asia is probably the most popular, in terms of the number of tourists and there are many reasons why this unspoiled region attracts so many travellers. Thailand, for example, received close to 30 million tourists in 2018, prior to the pandemic, while Malaysia and Singapore also experienced record numbers of foreign tourists. If you have already toured these countries and would like to see things from a different perspective, we recommend looking into yacht charter.

Wide Range of Luxury Vessels

The established yacht broker would have close to 100 vessels ranging from small catamarans to luxury superyachts and everything in between. Fully crewed options are available and as you are the client, you get to choose where you go and for how long; the menus are of your choosing, as is the bar and with a lot of water toys, you can have some fun.

Some couples form a group, 8-10 couples, for example, adds up to an affordable superyacht experience and what better way to enjoy the Andaman Sea than with your best friends. You can browse the many images of their fleet and they have floor plans for all vessels, so you can get a clear idea of space. Prices are typically all-inclusive and you should book early in order to avoid disappointment, as many people have the same idea.


Fully Crewed Luxury Vessels

The majority of the yachts available are privately owned and chartered out for a portion of the year; with affordable boat rental in Singapore from a leading yacht charter operator, you can follow the Malaysian coast north and tour the Andaman Sea, which is widely regarded as the jewel of Southeast Asia.

The skipper knows the region intimately and can take you to secluded bays where you can watch the sunset while sipping your favourite cocktail. The entire crew is dedicated to making your experience as nice as possible and all have a ‘can do’ attitude, which really does make you feel special. A small catamaran might have 2-3 crew members, while a superyacht could have 15-20 people working on the vessel.


Group Charter

Yacht Charter

If you are concerned about your budget, talk to a few friends; a group of 6, for example, means sharing costs, so it is affordable, especially when you consider that it is an all-inclusive price and that includes your food and drink.

Larger groups give you access to the superyacht fleet; we should all experience a billionaire lifestyle at least once in your lives. The fixtures and fittings are top-drawer and you can savour every minute of the palatial setting and evening entertainment means your playlists, of course.

Why not lounge in the jacuzzi and sip champagne? A superyacht is fitted out with everything you could think of and more besides, so you won’t get bored. When travelling post-covid, here are a few tips. There’s still time to book for this summer and a look through your contact list will give you a shortlist of people to ask; it might surprise you that most people will jump at the chance of experiencing a holiday on a luxury yacht.

Do Some Online Research

Prior to making a booking, take a look at the various countries that make up Southeast Asia; the yacht broker has facilities in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, and you can fly direct and a car will be waiting for you at the airport to whisk you off to the luxury yacht that is fully stocked with provisions.

Learning a little about new cultures and language always pays dividends when travelling and you can better prepare when you know more about a country. You will, of course, be spending time on land and finding out about the best local attractions is a must.

Andaman Sea

Yacht Charter

For most clients, the Andaman Sea is the place to visit, where you can swim with Whale sharks and giant manta rays and you will see pods of bottle-nose dolphins, curious as to your presence.

There is quality snorkelling gear on board, but if you have your own, you are advised to bring it with you. You can explore the rich marine life in this unspoiled underwater paradise and the captain knows the best places for snorkelling and scuba diving. Don’t forget to spend a few evenings in Phuket, which offers the very best seafood restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, while you can also visit Krabi, which is a quiet coastal town in southern Thailand.

If you would like to learn more about yacht charter, Google is your best friend and can connect you with an established yacht charter company and you can browse the luxury vessels and book the holiday of a lifetime.