February 25, 2024


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3 contribution factors that are causing pressure sores, bedsores, and decubitus ulcers


Health is an important consideration for everyone. With the proper take care, a person cannot just avoid but also get the treatment of multiple problems. Pressure sores or bedsores are other medical complications that are hitting a large population. It usually associated with the damage to the skin cells that occur due to the pressure on the particular part for a long time. The people who sit for a longer time or on a bed and unable to move usually suffer from this problem. 

Pressure sores or bed sores

Pressure sores are also known as bed sores or decubitus ulcer, it affects the skin cells and causes by the death of the cells in particular body parts. In this condition, blood flows into a particular position effected due to a certain and continues pressure. Due to lack of blood flow underneath skin cells start getting damaged and cause a bed ulcer. It happens with sitting for a long time in one place, lay down at the bed at home or hospital. Usually, the people who are dealing with mobility issues are under the effect of pressure ulcers.


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Contributing factors of pressure sores

Medical sheepskin is clinically proven to reduce the effects of pressure sores and give patients a relief. In general, pressure sores are associated with limited mobility. It affects the supply of blood into a particular body part and skin in the area starts getting damaging. This problem comes from the pressure at a certain point or a body part so that’s why called pressure sore. Multiple other factors are linked with the mobility restriction that can cause pressure sores.

Here are three major contributing factors in pressure sores:

  • Continues pressure

Continues pressure on a particular body part is one of the major contributing factors in bed sores. Usually, the body parts like hips, elbow, spine bone or heels are intact with this factor. Due to consistent pressure on the skin tissues due to external pressure and bone pressure, blood flow got disturbed. Due to the lack of blood or oxygen supply, the cells start getting damage. Just because of the death of the cells it causes a pressure ulcer. People who have mobility issues and have to be in a wheelchair for a long time usually experience this factor. The hips bone muscles, spine bone are the areas that affect due to continuous sitting pressure.      

  • Resistance

Resistance is another factor that can be a cause of pressure ulcers. It is due to resistance caused by mobility or with the position changes. Those who are on a bed or a wheelchair and not able to make a move by own or have a limited movement, suffer from this problem. The friction or resistance creates when a person changes motion by himself or with the help of health care personal. The resistance of skin with the surface can be a reason to cause injury or rashes and that can be a reason for decubitus ulcers.   

  • Moisture    

Moisture is another factor that contributes to creating a bed ulcer or decubitus ulcer. When a certain body part is not moving for a long time it may be in effect of moisture or sweat. Due to that sweat the chances of rashes, cuts or resistance increase, which badly affects the skin or skin cells. It can cause the cells to damages or affect the supply of the blood as well and at worse cause bed sores.

Who is susceptible to pressure sores?

According to the general study, people with limited movement or those who are older always at high risk of pressure sores. Because it is an issue attached to the blood flow or the oxygen supply to the body part. And with improper blood supply or due to any other medical problem the chance of pressure sores raises. People with diabetes, having hypotension, nutritional deficiency or having dry skin problems can intact with the pressure ulcer easily. People who are in the wheelchair or on the bed due to paralysis or due to any other medical health complications have the high chances to be affected by the pressure sores.

The body parts that usually effect by the pressure sores are:

  • Hips & buttocks
  • Shoulders
  • Spine or lower backbone
  • Keens, heels or ankles

Final consideration

Pressure sore or bedsore is a painful and even worse medical complication. Usually, people with limited mobility and suffering from any other health issues are at high risk of pressure sores. It is started with the pressure that disturbs the supply of oxygen and blood to a particular part and if untreated then turns into an ulcer. So to avoid such situation care and precautions are the only tool that helps to avoid the pressure sores at the initial stage.