April 21, 2024


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5 Updates That Will Increase the Visibility of Your Site


Getting into the top search is the goal of every online business. It is for this purpose that they’ve decided to launch their own website. So, it is not at all surprising to see them try hard to take that top spot. However, with all the things going on, most of them end up being confused as to which direction or changes they should go for. As a result, they end up implementing elements that don’t only ruin their website but also their chances on having better ranking.

It is only until it’s too late you’ll realize you’ve done something wrong. So, instead of bombarding your website with methods that are yet to be proven, it’s better to focus on strategies that have verified and recommended by experts. In this post, you’ll learn some of the most effective techniques that’ll increase the performance of your website. Check out some of them below.


Publish Relevant & Quality Content

When it comes to driving people to your website, nothing can beat a great content. This is simply the leading generator of traffic to your site. SEO experts in Hong Kong would even agree on this. Digital marketers even consider content as the king and backbone of any SEO strategy. Aside from improving visibility, it may also contribute as a driving force for people to conversion.

Link Your Site to Google Analytics & Search Console

For real-time monitoring and performance tracking, it’s necessary that you install Google Analytics and Search Console. These tools can check the performance as well as audience behavior to your site. Search Console also provides variety of functions such as backlink checking, error monitoring as well as sitemap submissions.


These functions can be useful in giving you an overview on what further improvements you can do. It may seem simple, but through a good configuration on 192.168.o.1 can make your job easier.

Improve the Site Loading Speed

Google is all about user experience. It has become pretty apparent when the Google launched an algorithm update targeted to websites with slow loading speed. The Speed Update as digital marketers may call has set a standard of 2 to 5 seconds loading.

This means that any website that loads slower than that have lesser chance of getting at better position. Independent testing by Safari SEO Melbourne found that a one to two second drop in page load time was enough to reduce conversion rate by up at 16% on a test of three e-Commerce platforms in Australia. For businesses operating at a national or international capacity, small drops in page load speed can potentially cost the business hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in lost revenue.

So, if you want to please search engines, you should work on improving the design, content, usability as well as loading speed of your site.

Follow the Mobile-First Approach

At present time, mobile users are known to be the most active web visitors. Google took advantage of this knowledge by launching an update that is targeted to these people. Hence, the mobile-first approach. This update is pretty much what it sounds. You’ll have to start working on a website that will be easily navigational on mobile view. The product design should take off from the mobile version then towards the desktop. Many CMS (content management system) nowadays follow this rule, so it’ll be easier to fulfill.

Take note of these proven tactics to bring up the traffic of your website. Before trying out anything, it’s important you do necessary research to avoid making changes that can ruin your whole campaign. You can join forums or attend online seminars to have better understanding on this matter. With these in mind, you’re on your way to a profitable and successful venture.