April 21, 2024


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Alberta invites Express Entry candidates with CRS scores of 300


Canada is one of the most famous countries for job and studies as well, there is the huge number of people through all over the world want to go Canada for their job, business or studies purpose. Canadian Government can understand the global values of the country. In this regards the government of Canada offers foreigners to come to their country in different ways. They have introduced some unique methods for the people like Express entry program (discussed below).

Except for Express entry, there are also many programs for the people who want to work in Canada, want to study in Canada and the most amazing thing is this Canada is also offering foreigners to get Canadian Citizenship through different programs in the government levels.


Alberta is a province in western Canada. Its population is approximately 4,067,175 as of 2016 census.

It is Canada’s fourth most populated province. Its area is about 660,000 square kilometres.

Express Entry:

Express Entry is an online application system for the people who want to emigrate from one country to another. It allows people to make a complete profile according to its requirements, submit it and be considered as a skilled immigrant. Candidate with the highest score/rank is invited to apply for permanent residency.

How Express Entry works:

First, you have to make a profile when you submit it according to your profile you will be put on ranking.


If you are a highly ranked candidate then you will be invited to apply for permanent residence.

Once you have applied for permanent residence, your PR application will then process within 6 months.

Express Entry Programs:

You must use express entry to apply for

  • The skilled worker programs
  • The skilled trades program
  • Canadian experience class

Point’s distribution:

Your express entry profile will be ranked according to you’re:

  • Education;
  • How much you are frequent to speak English and French (officially 2 languages);
  • Work experience;
  • Skills;
  • Age;

There are some other points that will be rewarded to you if you have studied in Canada like if you have graduated from college or the University of Canada then you will get some other points.

CRS score:

CRS is a comprehensive ranking system that refers to the place in the order of rank immigration candidates. Canadian government developed a merit-based points system which includes score and assign a score to the candidate according to their performance in the express entry pool. This point system is known as the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and the score which is assigned to each candidate known as the CRS score. Higher the score higher the chance of being a permanent resident.

The comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) criteria used by the express entry system to assign a score to the candidates who apply through the skilled worker program.

The score requires for the candidate to immigrate to Alberta:

Alberta urge candidates to come to Alberta and study there and Alberta provide many facilities to the student which help them to come to Alberta like Alberta invites 150 express entry candidates with minimum CRS score of 300. Alberta issued 150 notification of interest letters to candidates with a comprehensive ranking system (CRS) score as low as 300 in the latest Alberta express entry draw.

A most important requirement for the candidates of Alberta express entry is candidate should have the interest to become a permanent resident to the province and work there which help them to grow their economic development and diversification.

Alberta has released the number of candidates and score requirements of the updated two Alberta express entry draw.

On January 22, 2020, the Alberta immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) issued a notification for the candidate who wants to migrate to Alberta, they issued a total 201 invitations to apply for the province and only their important requirement is that those candidates should apply who desire to become a permanent resident to the province.

First, they issued a letter in which they described that candidate needed a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score should be minimum 350 to be invited else they would get rejection than a week later they issued another letter in which they described that they issued 150 invitations to express entry candidate with CRS score 300 minimum.

The Alberta express entry stream allows the AINP to select candidates with a profile in the federal express entry system which can handle the candidates for the Canadian immigration program.

Alberta express entry program allows candidate having provincial nomination with automatically get 600 points in overall CRS score it means no matter what they do to get other points or it doesn’t matter if they don’t get other points these points will surely help them to become the permanent resident of the province.

In order to be an eligible candidate for Alberta express entry program candidate need to work not only work in that profession             such as cheap essay service online they want but they have to work in an occupation which helps to grow province’s economic development and other priorities.

Mostly AINP gives the opportunity to those candidates who have these qualities:

  • A job offers and/or having work experience in Alberta;
  • Graduated from a Canadian school, college or university;
  • Someone’s relative or family member is already living in Canada on a permanent basis.

Requirements for Alberta Express Entry:

  • If you want to be a permanent resident of Canada and want to receive a letter of interest you must:
  • Have an express entry profile in Canadian style in the federal program.
  • should have an interest in immigrating permanently to Alberta.
  • Working in an occupation that supports the province.
  • Need score in Comprehensive Ranking System minimum 300 to be eligible.

Factors that can affect/decrease the chances of receiving a letter:

  • Most important is your profile. Your profile should be updated and the latest in

Canadian style and keep in mind that the express entry profile expires in the next 3 months.

  • Your occupation that does not support the country’s economic growth.