April 20, 2024


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Best Bluetooth Speakers: Things to Consider before Buying


If a few years ago Bluetooth speakers were considered as a luxury, but it is not now and is possible to find quality speakers at a reduced price. These speakers may not turn your living room into a concert hall, but they will greatly improve your sound experience – especially if you are listening to music from your Smartphone or tablet! Check below the things you always need to consider before buying Bluetooth speakers online. Here the most important thing that you always need to remember is to check the latest market and the buyers trend that what exactly people are buying and what’s in trends.

  • Audio 360 degrees

Previously reserved for high-end speakers, 360-degree audio has finally become more popular. As its name suggests, this technology allows sound to be distributed throughout an entire room (unlike some speakers that emit sound only in one direction).

  • Autonomy

The autonomy of Bluetooth speakers has improved considerably in recent years and it is now easy to find products that operate at least seven hours between charges. 

Some speakers also offer the option of being used as backup batteries, which is especially handy when you’re on the go.

  • WIFI Connection

In addition to Bluetooth, some speaker models have Wi-Fi connection.

Bluetooth allows you to connect devices in a 10-meter zone, so your Smartphone (or tablet) must be in the same room as your speaker so that the sound is not chopped and discontinuous.

Wi-Fi, meanwhile, allows a much greater range. You can use a Wi-Fi speaker even if the device used is at the other end of your apartment.

This feature is handy, but may not be so essential. In addition, you may need to download a specific application to connect your device to the speaker.

  • Remote Control

From time to time you will find Bluetooth speakers supplied with a remote control. This accessory is especially useful if you use a Wi-Fi speaker and you’re Smartphone / tablet is not nearby.

  • Impermeability 

If you plan to use your speaker outdoors (camping, beach, etc.), prefer a model that is resistant to water, dust and impact. When transporting your speaker, we recommend that you keep it in a protective cover to prevent it from getting damaged too quickly.


Top 3 Best Bluetooth Speakers 2020

  1. Aukey Eclipse

With its metal base and fabric covering, the Aukey Eclipse has a simple and pleasant design.  

On its top are five buttons to manage the volume, switching from one song to another, turning on the device… There is also a microphone that can be used to make calls when the device is paired with a Smartphone.

The Eclipse is charged via a micro USB port located on its base. Next to it, a 3.5mm jack socket allows the speaker to be used with devices that do not have a Bluetooth connection (old MP3, CD player, etc.).

According to our tests, the Bluetooth of this speaker has a range of almost 15 meters, which is quite appreciable.

The Aukey Eclipse is more powerful than its size suggests. It has two 10W audio drivers and passive “subwoofers” on its sides. The result? Quality sound and no noticeable distortion even when you turn up the volume. Without any doubt, we can say it’s a great option for laptop users, especially for business laptops.

  • Denon Envaya Pocket

This Denon Bluetooth speaker really won us over. Compact and light, the Envaya Pocket is made of a resistant polymer that is covered with fabric.

It is robust enough to absorb shocks and as it is waterproof (IP67) you can use it outside without worrying that a few drops of rain will damage it.

The speaker control buttons are located on the right side of the device, and allow you to control sound, Bluetooth, and phone functionality. With the Enaya, it is even possible to use it with Siri if you have an iOS.

The speaker has autonomy of about 10 hours and recharges fairly quickly since it goes from 0 to 100% battery in less than two hours.

The Envaya Pocket has two speakers that deliver clear, distortion-free sound at all frequencies (which is rare for such a cheap device). The bass is dynamic and pronounced but without dominating the voices or the treble.

  • Envaya Mini

The Denon Envaya Mini has excellent value for money. It’s simple and modern design is worth that of other premium models.

Even if it does not have, strictly speaking, 360-degree technology, this speaker manages to deliver a clear and crystal clear sound throughout an entire room.

Compact, solid and resistant to splashes (do not immerse it in the pool anyway) it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Also, thanks to its integrated microphone, the speaker can turn into a speaker when connected to your Smartphone, and you can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously.

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