February 25, 2024


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Best Emergency Kits for 2020 Post Pandemic


The survival or emergency kit offers you the bare necessities in an emergency and currently, in the wake of COVID-19, the importance of these kits has increased. Some large survival kits can either permit you for purifying water or storing up the same to make it suitable for the drinking purpose. Moreover, some of the best emergency kits also consist of tiny hand-powered generators to power your radio or cell-phone. While, on the other hand, a few kits are even more substantial as well as have the respirator masks, so that the user does not breathe in contaminants and dust, along with personal hygiene materials and blankets. In case you wish to get the most suitable back-up emergency plan possible, opting for the best emergency kit is quite significant.

Have a look at some of the most useful emergency kits which will ensure your absolute protection even in the most critical conditions –

1. Sustain Supply Co. Essential 2 – 

This kit supports 2 people for 72 hours. It comes with the top-quality personal water filter as well as bladder so that it becomes possible for sustaining yourself on the found water. But, relying upon being capable of finding water to drink, particularly in the arid locales, is the gamble which could leave you parched. The first aid-kit of Essential 2 comes with the pamphlet with clear instructions on what to do for plenty of injuries. 

It includes a parachute cord to assist craft the shelter as well as the safe, sharp knife to cut up that cord. Being one of the well-equipped emergency kits, it includes a top-quality lantern and knife, a good-quality backpack, along with a water filtration device. For sheer protection from Coronavirus, the travelers must make it a point that their kit includes standard medicines for treating common diseases, first-aid articles, as well as a lot of other unique medical items like needles and syringes. 


2. Wise Food 5-Day Survival Kit – 

This survival kit provides you with the perfect balance of several essential emergency tools and food as well. It has 32 servings of the gourmet meals so that it assures you to feed well for a long time. The kit also comes with the apple cinnamon cereal and for cooking that food. This comes with the portable stove and fuel tablets for getting the fire going that can be easily done with the waterproof matches. 

This contains a lot of water since it comes with 5 huge fluid pouches with the stainless steel cup. Other security features include the survival whistle, squeeze flashlight, poncho, and a blanket too. There is no need to worry about COVID-19 infection. Because there are the 42 pieces first aid kit for keeping you secure. You can include safety masks and sanitizer in it as well. 

3. Sustain Supply Co. Comfort 2 – 

As the name signifies, Comfort 2 is among the best 2-person survival kits. This comes packed into a well-made, large hiking-style backpack. It provides you with several pockets to assist you to keep the things well-organized. There is sufficient space for adding a lot of the extras which you feel like to increase it with. It comes with a good tiny LED flashlight along with a bright, but an affordable LED lantern. 

As far as the tools are concerned, you will also get the decent outdoors knife, the pair of chemical glow sticks, and collapsible bowls. Also, the Sustain Supply Company ensured the fact to pack the pair of emergency blankets into the bag. It comes with top-quality freeze-dried meals, rather than the shelf-stable emergency ration bars. Especially today when the threat of Coronavirus is looming around, make it a point to include specific categories of the special medicine items or prescription medicine along with the survival gear. 


4. Ready America 70280 Emergency Survival Kit – 

This Company is an expert in providing survival equipment. This quality product has also received several great reviews from its previous users. It is able to sustain 2 people for a maximum of 3 days. So now you know the kind of incredible support it offers. This entire kit offers a lot of food and water. So that, you can stay confident of not running out of the essentials. It offers you emergency blankets as well. 

You need to follow some preventive measures today for avoiding getting infected from COVID-19. For example, avoid touching the face unless you have not cleaned the hand. Specifically when you have been in the public place. Also, it safeguards you against the injuries since it comes with the 33-piece first aid kit. That is why you get 100% protection in case of any abrasions or cuts. 

5. CCS Uncharted Supply Co. Seventy2 Survival System – 

The supplies of this kit come in the high quality, dark gray, roll-top, and waterproof backpack. So that, you won’t attract any attention to yourself or need to get worried about the content of the bag getting wet. While filled with air and empty, this bag can also play the role of the floatation device. Along with being equipped with the right tactical gear, in case you need to currently stay in the hotel during the travel. Always book the trusted place where you are assured that cleanliness and hygiene are maintained. 

Now that the pandemic Corona virus has become a global threat, as a traveler, you need to buy high-quality masks. Also, make sure to check-in with the hotel management and staff for ensuring that the room is extensively cleaned. Furthermore, in this kit, you will find the pullout insert which can be opened up as well as laid out, permitting you for taking stock of every supply you have on hand. 

6. Emergency Zone Urban Survival Bug Out Bag – 

Inside the kit, you will see 2-packs of the shelf-stable emergency food rations. They do not need any preparation before eating as you just have to rip open its package and begin chewing. Also, stay away from any particular area with plenty of people. 

Emergency Zone has performed an impressive job of giving a lot of essentials, and some extras which one might require when they are incapable of staying indoors during any disaster. The combination FM/AM radio/LED flashlight which the built-in hand crank power or charge through USB will offer you illumination. Also, it will permit you to keep apprised of what is going on around the Globe should the power grid or the other communication lines fail. Through the adapter which will permit you to charge (steadily) your cellphone utilizing the hand crank of the radio.

7. Aootek Upgraded First Aid Survival Kit – 

It is a kind of survival kit that is amazing for outdoor purposes. This comes in an ideal range of the 268 items like plenty of virtual equipment. It could view you lasing for a long time while being out there in the wild. This kit is not like the other ones where you get water and food. It will give you everything which you require for finding it yourself. 

It has plenty of useful features like wire cutters, pliers, the saw blade, wire strippers, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, the key buckle, a huge knife along with a lot of other items. Nowadays, when it comes to survival techniques in the times of COVID-19 pandemic, you must wear a mask so that you do not further spread this virus as well as infect other people. Also, for ensuring rescue and long-term security, you will get a compass, fire starter, flashlight, and whistle. 


There is no denying the fact that emergency kits have a huge significance in our lives. Moreover, in times of crisis like Corona virus, their importance have increased a lot more. These kits provide you with all you need to ensure your wellness. This is the major reason why you should buy only those emergency kits which survival professionals produce. Along with this, do not forget to practice usual hygiene habits like maintaining social distancing, washing your hands for 20 seconds, wearing a mask, and using sanitizer.