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Best Kitchen Counter-top Tips for all Newly Built Kitchen


Best  Kitchen Counter-top Tips for all Newly Built Kitchen

For any home, a kitchen is the heart and gives completeness to any home. Our most pleasant time is spent in the kitchen, all things are happening in the kitchen like cooking, celebrating, memory making, talking, listening, laughing, and lots more. Every woman spends her quality time in the kitchen. And the countertops and cabinets are two of the most expensive and visible things made when you are planning the kitchen design. The Material of kitchen countertops plays an important role to  give a kitchen a new look. 

From an overall design standpoint, There are countless options for kitchen countertops. Everything from stone, tile, concrete to wood to Glass or laminate according to your needs and requirements, please have a look.


Soapstone is expensive, however, its radiant, rich shading and sleek surface are two reasons why homeowners are eager to make the lavish expenditure. Soapstone Countertops can place an imprint in your wallet—or even in your expensive work surface if the establishment goes astray. Stone is a strong material that faces the intense wear of a functioning kitchen. Stone’s common varieties in hues and surfaces make every ledge exceptional. The most famous stones are rock and marble, yet limestone and soapstone are additionally regularly utilized.



Quartzite is a normally happening rock that begins its life as a sort of sandstone and advances into quartzite when exposed to warmth and weight. The subsequent white or dim stone will in general, have lovely dashes of shading, giving it the vibe of marble while keeping up the strength of granite. Quartzite looks pleasant against practically any kitchen shading plan. Its normal whirl designs loan a spotless, current, natural look.

Reclaimed Wood

Using reclaimed woods for the surfacing is a good thought if it’s all the same to you, your counters ‘wearing in.’ If, from the beginning, you acknowledge the constraints of wood, this is an extraordinary alternative for a characteristic, natural surface that has an incredible story.

Lapitec Sintered Stone


Have to replace a stain or scratch from the surface? Sintered stone is hot, closely the following quartz. What’s more, we state hot on the grounds that that is the manner by which the chunks are framed. Warmth and weight intertwine the minerals into a totally impermeable surface and has incorporated innovation that executes unsafe microbes on the surface. Incapable of being carved or scratched, this is the surface that will keep going forever. It likewise cleans the air. Indeed, that is correct it has an incorporated titanium dioxide innovation that separates toxins. Its utilization in the home is an easy decision ;however, as outside cladding, it will help change the planet.

Recycled glass 

Recycled glass Becoming progressively well known among individuals looking for an eco-accommodating answer for ledge materials – or individuals out for a one of a kind, eccentric look in their home – recycled glass countertops comprise of pieces of recycled glass held along with a folio, generally concrete or resin.Every recycled glass ledge is interesting, in light of the fact that an alternate mix of glass is utilized in everyone. They are intense and won’t chip effectively, and require just cleanser and water to clean. Contingent upon the folio utilized, recycled glass can be naturally cordial – or less, as certain folios are made with poisonous synthetic substances.

Ceramic Tile

Another affordable option for the best kitchen countertop is ceramic tile, which is made by using squeezed dirt and a coating. It’s commonly impervious to warmth, water, and staining—whenever fixed appropriately. Nonetheless, the grout lines between tiles will get messy after some time and require cleaning from time to time.


Laminate is made with a dainty sheet of plastic tar covering pressed wood or a molecule board. Headways in printing innovation and edge alternatives permit overlay to emulate stone, metal, or wood countertops without the expense of characteristic materials. An Overlay is a moderately low-upkeep option in contrast to increasingly costly rock, stone, and solid-surface countertops.


Countertops made using concrete – by and large with color added to make them look less like a walkway! They are then fixed to make them non-permeable and heat/stain-resistant. Concrete countertops have been in style for some time now, particularly among individuals who like that industrial or rustic look, and they don’t seem, by all accounts, to be losing notoriety. Concrete is a very solid and shockingly adaptable material that can be colored and etched for most extreme design prospects. Concrete complement other natural materials such as wood and stone. Concrete is a natural material so you can use it in your outdoor space, outdoor living room or Metal Buildings in your backyard.  


Paper Stone utilizes recycled paper and oil-free pitch. Tantamount to steel in its quality, PaperStone is one of the most interesting surfacing alternatives out there. Occupying a large number of papers from landfill, this adaptable material comes in various sizes and thicknesses, so it very well may be streamlined for your undertaking. It tends to be cut nearby and is a DIY or remodeler’s optimal material. It is handily cut with carpentry instruments however holds up like stone. A matte, natural completion settles on it, a personal decision and an incredible option in contrast to polished stone completions.

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