September 28, 2023


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Best Things to do in San Francisco Bay


When one thinks of San Francisco, the very first thoughts that come to our mind are culture, commercial and the hub of excitement in Northern California. This city is perhaps the second busiest city in the whole of the United States. While business thrives here, there is plenty more to do in terms of activities. With hotels like pullman san francisco bay and many more situated right there, here are some exciting things that you can plan while in pullman san francisco bay SF:

Plan a walk through the Golden Bridge

It is situated between San Francisco Bay as well as Marin County. It is declared as one of the topmost wonders in the world. Opened in the year 1937, it still stands as the longest suspension bridge to ever have existed. Explore this lovely attraction and take back a lot of picturesque memories with you.


Go to the Fisherman’s Wharf and explore the Waterfront

When you get done with exploring the amazing liveliness of lounges in hotels like the Pullman San Francisco bay, then we have a destination that you can head to next. Go to Fisherman’s Wharf and explore the live performances as well as the whole SF vibe here. Meet the locals and eat some awesome local cuisine at the many offerings available here.


Plan a getaway to Alcatraz Island

Initially developed as a military fortification, the Alcatraz Island is a small little island situated very close to San Francisco Bay. It was made for prisoners who caused trouble in nearby prisons. You can take a ferry here and enjoy one of these amazing getaways from San Francisco.

Go spend time at the Union Square

Being one of the most visited neighborhoods in SF, this place has amazing retail outlets and also a lot of art galleries for you to enjoy. You can attend many live events and there is something or the other you can always do here to keep yourself entertained. Get an experience of partying with all locals and ensure that this stop is surely on your San Francisco itinerary.

Explore the Chinese culture in Chinatown

If you want to enjoy the authentic Chinese culture right in the middle of San Francisco, then Chinatown is the perfect getaway for you. More than the vibe, we recommend that you gorge on the delicious Asian and Oriental dishes and overall immerse yourself in the liveliness of this cross-cultural attraction.

Join the cable car system now.

The cable car system of San Francisco is another amazing attraction to explore. This city boasts of about 23 different cable car lines in its history, but today only three remain. Even so, this system is quite fun and takes you to a lot of famous attractions in the city. Hop on to one ride as it is one of the most fun things to do in SF.

All of these experiences make San Francisco bay an ultimate getaway. With properties like Pullman San Francisco right there, you would be able to explore the beauty and fun of this extensively vibrant city.