March 1, 2024


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Certified Scrum Master ® Career Offered by Zeolearn

certified scrum master

Agile software development is founded on the principles outlined in the Agile Manifesto; a disciplined project management framework that allows for dynamic inspection and adaptation. Scrum is a popular Agile product development framework that focuses on iterative practises and team collaboration to enable rapid software delivery.

A Scrum Master® is an essential member of an Agile team who serves as a liaison or coach between the development team and the product owner. A Scrum Master’s roles and responsibilities include ensuring that everyone working on the product is on the same page.

Scrum master training is essential for learning how to ensure that everyone on the team is adhering to and using the Scrum framework. The Scrum master career path entails regularly coordinating with the product owner to communicate the progress of daily development tasks.

Importance Of Scrum Master Certification

Scrum is used by big names like IBM, ANZ, Google, Spotify, Ernst and Young, Dell, Siemens, Target, Honeywell, and GE Healthcare, and has a high adoption rate (58 per cent) across industries. Improve your Scrum Master skills and broaden your career options.

Earning a Scrum master certification allows people to self-organize and achieve the following goals:

  • Build, mentor, and manage a team while maintaining a harmonious team environment that is beneficial to the growth of an organisation.
  • Apply your expertise and values so that you are not affected by internal or external distractions.
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  • Motivate yourself to improve the overall performance of the team.
  • Gain access to a separate Scrum Alliance profile page where you can list your accomplishments with a customised logo.

Choosing The Right Organization For Training

zeolearn scrum master

Zeolearn is present in over 60 countries worldwide. Their consultants, trainers, and coaches have worked in a variety of industries, including BFSI, Telecom, Retail, Automobiles, and E-Commerce. It has established itself as a one-stop Learning Partner, providing a diverse range of Course offerings (more than 250).

They assist organisations in developing Future Ready Technology Talent and facilitating complete Digital Talent Transformation. They also provide a comprehensive Learning Ecosystem that includes pre-and post-Course preparation and support materials, E-learnings, video archives, question banks, and a wide range of other learning aids. Zeolearn provides multi-modal delivery systems such as classroom, live virtual classroom (LVC), e-learning, customised blended learning, and in-house LMS.

The Agile & Scrum classes at Zeolearn Institute are designed to provide individuals with the knowledge that is required to understand the Agile concept and use it to create outstanding projects for your users. Their course focuses on providing participants with real-world, practical skills that will help them land lucrative job opportunities. Zeolearn’s course will help individuals gain h ands-on experience by providing numerous examples, exercises, and project work throughout the workshop. Candidates will also work on an industry-level project that will teach them the ins and outs of Agile and Scrum.


Zeolearn’s Course On Agile And Scrum Can Be Availed By

  • Project Managers
  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Managers of Software Development
  • Architects of Software Development
  • Product Managers of Software Development
  • Software Developers
  • Software Coders
  • Software Testers
  • Team Leaders and Team Members.

Learning Outcomes With Zeolearn

  1. Scrum Fundamentals – Individuals will learn about the Scrum framework, roles, activities, & artefacts to kickstart any Scrum project.
  2. Be a Servant Leader – Individuals will lead by serving your Scrum team while adhering to essential Scrum principles and practices.
  3. Scope of Scrum – With the help of Zeolearn, individuals will know the best implementation of Scrum in a wide variety of real-world project environments.
  4. Act as a facilitator – It will help candidates facilitate cross-functional Scrum teams to deliver high-value releases in shorter time-to-market.
  5. Enable transparency – It will help candidates to inspect and adapt to improve transparency and visibility of your team’s work at each level.
  6. Remove obstacles – The individuals will Identify and eliminate the key challenges to on-time project delivery by self-organizing teams.

After Finishing The Course, Individuals Will Receive

  • Understanding of the Scrum framework through hands-on, project-tested practises
  • Tips and tricks gleaned from Zeolearn’s experienced CSTs’ years of using Scrum in a variety of settings.
  • Zeolearn will provide access to local user groups, online social networks, and other resources available only to Scrum Alliance members Profile page on the Scrum Alliance website and access to a specially designed logo to highlight candidate’s credentials
  • After completing the course, individuals will receive 16 PDUs and 16 SEUs. The course fee includes the Scrum Alliance Certification Examination Fee.
  • Course material approved by the Scrum Alliance Course delivered by experienced Certified Scrum Trainers CSTs of Zeolearn
  • Extensive hands-on experience with Scrum tools and activities
  • Scrum Alliance membership is valid for two years.

Career Paths After Scrum Master Certification

scrum master certification

The Scrum Master career path offers numerous options for both new and experienced professionals. Each of these Scrum Master positions offers excellent opportunities to advance your career.

  1. Agile Mentor– It is now fashionable to become an Agile Coach after obtaining the necessary certification. This role will assist you in standing out from the crowd. A Scrum Master who excels at managing complex tasks and managing multiple teams can take on the role of Mentor. An Agile Coach is in charge of facilitating Agile and Scrum implementation, as well as assisting teams in their Agile adoption and success.
  2. Mentor- A Scrum Master must act as a mentor, sharing agile experiences and ideas and assisting team members in using Scrum correctly. He or she is in charge of knowledge transmission and psychological support for the teams. The Scrum Master mentors the team by demonstrating in-depth knowledge of Scrum principles and processes and guiding them in their successful implementation, assisting them in becoming self-sufficient and self-organized.
  3. Product Owner- A Scrum Master can also become a product owner, but this is not a separate career path; rather, it is a transition within the team. As a product owner, you will assist the team in developing a better product that meets the specific needs of the users.
  4. Manager- The presence of an effective manager is critical for Scrum project success. If the manager has previously worked as a Scrum Master, they will be able to understand the team’s pain points and guide them in the best way possible. If you choose a managerial position, your responsibilities will grow because you will need to motivate the entire team to work toward a common goal.

A scrum master career path is a badge of honour that you can proudly display. If your company is transitioning and allowing you to certify in Agile, it demonstrates their confidence and trust in your abilities and skills. A Scrum Master certification will not only sharpen your knowledge but will also make you an expert in your field. This will eventually lead to tremendous growth for both you and your company.