October 3, 2023


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Guideline on Measurements of Custom Made Gloves


Boxing has made its way to the topmost sports games in recent years. It is very important for a fighter to choose the best pair of custom made gloves before stepping into the ring. Always choose the right fighting gear for you. It is necessary to check the weight of the gloves before you make a purchase. In order to knock out your opponent; use the best quality boxing gloves, according to your trainer guidance.

The size matters the most when it comes to the right pair of gloves. They must fit your body hand size perfectly. When you use the right size boxing gloves, you will automatically be adding a perfect swing into your routine. Therefore, in order to get the best quality, it is very important to get a customized pair of gloves from a well-known brand. In addition, it will be good for you when you go for professional fights.


Make sure you look at a few things before you plan to buy the first pair of boxing gloves. For the perfect measurement, here are a few important things you should consider:

The Measurements of Custom Made Gloves

It is not too difficult to measure its weight or height. Before you make a purchase make sure, you check its grip. The size might be on different scales, which can vary when it is in ounces. There are 6oz sizes and Mitts with 20oz. (heavyweight) gloves. You can have three measurements that can determine the accurate size for you. These include the height and weight that is required for the right boxing gloves.


Your tape will meet in your palm in order to get a clear number. The circumference of the hand is a clear indicator of weight and height to determine the perfect fit. While it is simpler to calculate weight and height with a scale and tape, having the measurement of the circumference of your hand could be a challenge. A fabric tape measure is the best way to determine the circumference of your hand.

The Dimensions of Custom Boxing Glove Weight

Buycustomized boxing glovesin order to have the perfect size of boxing gloves. Infinitude Flight is highly recommended for the custom made gloves. To know about what product you are investing in you should know some things about the boxing gloves. The total measurement varies from 6-20 ounces. The weight of professional gloves is almost 10 ounces.

  • Prefer heavy gloves to lighter gloves. The most common sizes are 12, 14, and 16 ounces.

Here is some basic guidance for which gloves to use with different age:

  • 6oz – for kids under 5-7age
  • 8oz – for women
  • 10oz – used by men and women in competitions
  • 12oz- starter size for men
  • 14oz – ideal for heavyweight boxers
  • 16oz- should be used by experienced boxers

Competition Boxing Gloves

The designs such types of gloves are ideal for competitions only. The padding has less filling for the opponent’s sake. There are two levels of competition boxing gloves Amateur and professional gloves. The easiest way to classify them is to buy two different colors, which also helps the judges to score the boxers.

Before you plan to purchase custom made gloves, the best way to choose gloves is to check its weight and style. Pure leather is most preferable for better results in the boxing rings. It is highly suggested that choose the gloves, which have the best material and best oz. or weight. Look for the best custom made gloves but make sure you go through all the terms and conditions before you order.