October 3, 2023


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How is 5G Going to Affect Your Health?


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5G technology seems to be the only thing people are talking about these days. But for all this talk, there is still a lot of mystery about the technology. Sure, it’s truly exciting times that we live in, but one seems to be asking the right questions. You will find a lot of reports online about 5G testing, and all the wonderful things.

There is no doubt that 5G technology is going to revolutionize our world. Just as technology leapt us forward when 4G was introduced. And when the internet went from dial-up to DSL, to broadband. But while all that is well and good, 5G legislation is still unclear. No one seems to be concerned about whether 5G is harmful to humans.

European Scientists on 5G

Were you aware that a group of 170 scientists approached the EU with concerns about 5G technology? It’s true. These scientists were citing health risks for European citizens. Shouldn’t that be raising any flags for everyone around the world? Or do we all just not care about it?

A spokesperson for the World Health Organization spoke about 5G technology concerns with Euro News. They said that they are expecting a high-frequency spectrum to increase. This is to accommodate the expected increase in the data flow.


Why Are Some Scientists Questioning 5G?

The major cause for concern is the radio frequencies on which 5G technology operates. If you are unaware of 5G frequencies, here’s what you need to know. 5G technology works over three frequencies, called bands. These range from low, to mid-level, followed by the high band range. And the speeds vary according to their band.

So low band internet speeds are your basic speeds that is 100 Mbps. Mid-level band internet speeds max out at 1 Gbps. And the advertised 10 Gbps internet speeds are available at the high band range. The health concerns arise when we consider the frequencies these bands operate on. Our current technology operates between 700 Mhz and 6 GHz.

But 5G bands operate between 28 GHz and 100 GHz. Do you see the difference? These frequencies start from more than 3 times our current frequencies. And they rise to a little more than 10 times our current frequency rate. You might be thinking “So what? These are just frequencies and can’t harm us”. If you do, you would be wrong.  

What’s the Problem with High Frequencies?


Do you have a microwave at home? Are you aware of the harmful effects of the rays? All frequencies work more or less the same way. There are so many studies conductive which conclusively prove that even the current mobile frequencies affect our health.

That is why so many of us are reporting migraines. When you excessively use mobile phones, there is a constant bombardment of 6 GHz frequencies to your brain. Think about a constant bombardment of 100 GHz. And this is just from excessive mobile usage. We are not even considering the scariest part of all this.

The frequencies exist around us 24/7. As long as you are in an area which is reachable by these frequencies. Which means nearly the entire country. Right now we have 4G frequencies which max out at 6 GHz. These frequencies go in and out of our bodies constantly. Imagine what 100 GHz will do to us. 

Can We Suffer Physical Harm?

The International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has recently presented a draft of advice at a public consultation. They are currently revising the radio frequency guidelines. The draft clearly states that the critical effect of high-frequency exposure can lead to heating of exposed tissue.

The higher the frequency the more it can affect us. Now imagine constantly living in those conditions. The report also mentioned that there is a maximum threshold. So what happens when there are so many 5G phones around that the threshold breaches? Are we willing to take the risk? The ICNIRP said that excessive tests were conducted but no conclusive evidence of human harm was found.

But how can they conduct excessive tests when the technology is still in the development stage. Additionally, we are talking about the large-scale implementation of 5G technology. That means constantly living in high frequencies. How can they test for large-scale implementation with actually implementing it? They can’t. They can merely conduct extensive studies on theory. So how is the study extensive?

Is More Research the Answer?

Everyone wants 5G technology to work. But why make it a race? There is no looming disaster at the moment that can only be averted with 5G technology. So, yes, let’s take the time and study the long term effects of this technology. Once developed, it isn’t necessary to implement it right away.

Of course, the developers will be in a hurry. They have heavily invested and would be in a hurry to see some returns. But why do we have to make hasty decisions just to put money in their pockets? There is a lot that we don’t understand about the effects of 5G. So let’s figure them out and then move forward with implementation.


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