March 1, 2024


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How To Fix QuickBooks Com Error


A Crash Com error generally occurs during major updates installed by using Microsoft. Mostly user finds a QuickBooks Proadvisor to manage their QuickBooks accounting software and resolve QB errors. One might come across this problem while sending emails, invoices, paystubs, transactions or files. A QuickBooks user regularly the usage of MS Excel, MS Office tool or web connectors may additionally encounter the “Crash Com Error.” 

More users are occurring errors in recent times. QuickBooks Pro, ideal, or company, all versions of QB desktop may come upon this error now and then. The main example of this Crash Com errors in QuickBooks came up at some point in 2014 and solutions to resolve this got here subsequently after.

Causes Of QuickBooks Com Error

QuickBooks Com Error can be caused because of one or more of the following reasons.

  • Microsoft office files are is damaged or missing. 
  • Communication among QuickBooks and electronic mail services has failed.
  • QuickBooks element is damaged or m issing.
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  • An epidemic, trojan or some different malware is impeding the sync.
  • A QB file or issue has been deleted by a trojan horse.
  • QuickBooks unique is not taking location due to unsuitable firewall settings.

When Does Occur QuickBooks Com Error

  • It could occur when you are trying to email invoices.
  • Com error may additionally flash on the display screen while you looking to open invoices.
  • If you are attaching something, you may get this error.
  • QuickBooks com error may appear when you are trying to save any file.
  • You are trying to open check sign up, this error may additionally flash.
  • You may get QuickBooks Com error when you attempt to open a report.

Best Solutions Of QuickBooks Com Error

Crash Com Error in QuickBooks problem can be corrected in numerous ways. Let’s observe the Solutions and carry out the solutions inside the order listed below. If a selected Solution does not clear up the difficulty, then pass to the following one for trouble solving.

Solution 1- make certain to update Outlook

  • Open Outlook application.
  • Select file.
  • After then go for Office Account option.
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  • Select update options and click on ‘Update Now’.
  • Check and verify that the error is long past now.

Solution 2 – Set an ‘Outlook’ as default in a mail application.

  • Navigate to manipulate Panel
  • Visit Default programs 
  • Now set your default applications

                 1  Select MS Outlook in the Program list.

,                2 Pick MS Outlook as your “default program.” Set as software as default.

                 3  Choose OK options.

Solution 3: Add “E-mail Account” to Microsoft Outlook.

  • Go to MS Outlook,
  • Select the file
  • Select ‘Add Account’ to initiate setup.
  • Fill the e-mail address.
  • Now choose “ ”.
  • Outlook will routinely come across the proper server setting then select “ ”.
  • Fill inside the password you operate for the e-mail deal with
  • Click on the OK button.

Note The Point: In case, QB is unable to locate Outlook you need to restart the desktop and fix QuickBooks. If the new Windows profile does not find Outlook in QB options, you need to fix QuickBooks.

Solution 4- Switch mail settings

  • Go to the ‘Control panel’.
  • Visit the Mail and also choose ‘Microsoft Outlook’.
  • Visit the Mail Setup window.
  • Select “Show Profile”.
  • If “usually use this profile” option is already selected, click on “prompt for a profile to be used” after which pick out “observe” choice.
  • Toggle /switch the choice to “Always use this profile” option.
  • Select ‘apply’.
  • Click on OK.

Solution 5 Make New Utility Of “Outlook E-mail Profile”.

  • Firstly, Close the Microsoft Outlook application.
  • Navigate to Control Panel.
  • Enter the name for the profile in “Profile Name”.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Follow the directions to “add an electronic mail account” to use for your profile.
  • Click on the drop-down window underneath “usually use this profile “ alternative
  • Select the “new created profile”.
  • Select the “follow” option.
  • Click on ‘OK’.

Solution 6- Restore MS Office 

  • Perform a “repair” for MS office
  • Carry out a Windows

Solution 7- Run QuickBooks in compatibility mode

  • In the QuickBooks icon in Desktop and visit the “Go-To” option.
  • Visit the Compatibility tab & select “Run the program in compatibility mode.”
  • Within the drop-down window- select “Windows ”
  • Check-Mark the option “Run the program as an Administrator.”
  • Click Apply.
  • Choose the OK button.


I hope this blog will be very useful for the QuickBooks software user. because the error caused by QuickBooks Com Error is a problem that the user. So we have provided the best solution for users. The problem of the user can be solved, if this problem is unable to solve by you then you can visit our QuickBooks ProAdvisor.